Raj Singh Returns To IMPACT Wrestling, Helps Rohit Raju Defeat Chelsea Green

rohit raju
Photo Credit: AXS TV

Raj Singh is back and he is by the side of Rohit Raju.

Rohit Raju lost his muscle when Mahabali Shera was announced to be injured but that didn’t stop Rohit from having a back-up plan before facing Chelsea Green on September 23’s IMPACT Wrestling. Instead of Shera, Raju had a returning Raj Singh ready to help him. 

Singh debuted in IMPACT in November 2018 and was a member of the Desi Hit Squad with Rohit. Here’s how his return went down:

Rohit Raju vs. Chelsea Green

Collar and elbow leads to Rohit tossing her down. She soon paintbrushes Rohit in the corner. “Let’s go Chelsea: chants as she soccer kicks Raju. He nails her with a shoulder tackle. Rohit keeps Chelsea grounded and covers her for a two-count. He switches to a sleeper, but Chelsea soon hits him with two Thesz presses. She hits a snap German for a two count. Chelsea nearly gets the win with a roll-up, but Rohit later on gets one himself with a rope leverage pin attempt, but Matt stops that. Suddenly Raj Singh comes out and it allows Raju to get the roll-up win.

WINNER: Rohit Raju