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Booker T On Powerhouse Hobbs’ Potential: He Just Always Wanted A Chance, Now He’s Facing CM Punk

Booker T sees massive potential in a certain AEW star.

On a recent episode of his ‘Hall of Fame’ podcast, Booker T spoke about the potential of Powerhouse Hobbs and explained why he’s excited about the future for the Team Taz member.

“I give that kid a whole lot of credit because Powerhouse Hobbs, that kid would be at every WWE show. He’d be outside, he’d have his bag with him, he was just looking for a chance, just looking for a shot. He’d always catch me coming into the arena, if the show was in this area, he’d be there. He was like “I’m trying to get in, man” and he just couldn’t get a break and now to see this kid, man and see the smile on his face while he’s whooping somebody’s ass, he just looks so happy to be a part of it. You gotta give that kid a lot of props for sticking in there and finding a place in the business.”

Booker T would delve into how Hobbs may be feeling as he prepares to face CM Punk in the latter’s first televised match in over seven years.

“Hobbs, right now is ecstatic. Less than two years ago, I was talking to that kid heading into the arena and he was just trying to get a break and that’s a true story.”

Hobbs will be in action against CM Punk on AEW Rampage: Grand Slam tonight on TNT. It was recently announced that Rampage will stay put on the network when Dynamite moves over to TBS in January. Read more about AEW’s latest programming announcement at this link. You can also read Tony Khan’s thoughts on why splitting AEW shows is a win-win, and how the new Owen Hart Foundation partnership developed over the past year, at this link.

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