Pat McAfee
Photo Credit: WWE

Pat McAfee Pays Tribute To The Sandman During WWE SmackDown Entrance (Video)

Pat McAfee took it to the extreme when he arrived for his SmackDAHN commentary duties.

As seen in the videos below, Pat McAfee paid tribute to The Sandman by performing his ECW entrance, complete with a kendo stick, beer and cigarette in hand.

McAfee is known to perform entrances or dress in attire that has ties to the city that SmackDown is in each week, and appropriately chose to honor The Sandman this week.

Check out our full recap from this week’s episode of SmackDown, including Riddick Moss returning to attack Kevin Owens, at this link. While he didn’t appear on the show, Edge also responded to Seth Rollins’ challenge and said they’d see each other next week.

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