Dark Order Reunion 9/29
Image credit: AEW

-1 And Amanda Huber Help Dark Order Join Forces, Win 16-Man Tag Bout In Brodie Lee’s Honor

Dark Order almost fell apart entirely on a special episode of AEW Dynamite that was dedicated to the group’s late leader, Brodie Lee, but -1 and Amanda Huber pulled the stable back together and guided it to victory.

In a huge 16-man tag team match, Dark Order and Orange Cassidy faced Hardy Family Office. Even with the added incentive of winning the match for Lee, the conflict and infighting that has been plaguing the group for weeks were evident from the start. Alex Reynolds accidentally collided with Evil Uno, and it wasn’t long before Uno started to walk out on the match.

Stu Grayson tried to stop his partner from leaving, but this argument escalated into a verbal disagreement between the majority of the team. Just as it seemed all hope was lost, Anna Jay and Tay Conti led Lee’s son, -1 and his widow, Amanda Huber to the ring.

In an emotional moment, -1 and his mom told Dark Order to stop fighting and focus on what really mattered — winning this match for the man who was once the stable’s “Exalted One.”

Fueled by this reminder of Lee’s legacy, Dark Order formed a united front and took the fight to the H.F.O. John Silver rallied like a one man army, and in the end, he pinned Jora Johl for the victory.

After the bell, Dark Order celebrated with -1 to commemorate this special moment.