Heath Returns To IMPACT, Saves Rhino From A Potential Attack

heath slater
Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Heath has returned to IMPACT Wrestling and in the process, he has prevented Rhino from being attacked by Eric Young and Violent by Design. Heath was out with an injury suffered at last year’s Bound for Glory event, but now he is back and is hoping to reunite with Rhino, but tonight was not the night as Rhino walked away from him with no confirmation of a reunion. Here is how it all went down:

VBD comes out to the ring. Eric Young says they had all the momentum, all the control, but someone made a mistake: Rhino. EY knows that Rhino knows that. Now Rhino has a decision to make. He’s either with them or he walks away (nobody walks away). “Walk away” chants. Rhino comes out. “Gore” chants as Rhino makes his decision. He gets surrounded as the pressure’s on. Suddenly, Heath comes out and he returns. Heath attacks Deaner. He lariats out Joe Doering. The ring is cleared to just him and Rhino. Heath wants a hug. Rhino exits via the barricade.

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