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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

W. Morrissey Says Being Featured On IMPACT Plus Specials Is Encouraging, Explains Partnership With Moose

Sometimes rivals have to come together to take down a common enemy and that is exactly the case for IMPACT Wrestling star W. Morrissey and Moose.

W. Morrissey recently appeared on the ‘Total Nonstop IMPACT’ show and explained the partnership of he and  ‘acquaintance’ Moose, who have recently teamed up to take down Sami Callahan and Eddie Edwards.

“We aren’t friends and I think he’d tell you the same thing, we are, by no means friends,” Morrissey explained. “We are acquaintances and maybe we formed an alliance to get to the top and we have similar goals in mind. Once we’re both at the top and it’s either him or me, you’ll see there’s going to be no friendship there. We don’t like each other, we respect one another and we appreciate what each is doing for the other but there’s definitely no friendship there. It all came about because we kind of just have the same enemies and the same outlook on Sami [Callahan] and Eddie [Edwards] so he was somebody that I thought I could partner with and take care of business with and then it would come down to us two and we’ll see who the better man is. It’s going to be me, obviously but that was the thought going in.”

Morrissey would then delve into how IMPACT specials are important in-between the ‘bigger’ pay-per-views to break stories up in order to start fresh feuds before the bigger shows.

“They feel really unique,” Morrissey admitted. “The big pay-per-views, obviously are extremely fun and are a big deal but those IMPACT specials break up stories and break up everything we’ve been doing month-to-month. When you go out there for a match for one of those IMPACT specials as opposed to one just for IMPACT on AXS TV, there’s a little bit more pressure on you and definitely feels like a bigger deal and I’m sure that’s by design. But being on those specials is extremely humbling and it’s really cool and I think I’ve been on almost every one since I debuted so I must be doing something right and it’s definitely encouraging.”

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