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EC3 And JC On Free The Narrative II: The ‘Monster’ Within Adam Scherr Will Die, And A ‘Titan’ Will Rise

On October 2, at Free The Narrative IIEC3 will try to unleash the “Titan” within Adam Scherr, formerly known as Braun Strowman.

As the name of the event suggests, “The Essential Character” will give the man once known as “The Monster Among Men” the platform to tell his story following his WWE release. In an interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, EC3 and JC, two of men primarily responsible for the Free The Narrative events, explained how Scherr’s involvement came about. As it turns out, it’s been in the works since the day before WWE released Strowman.

“The idea started the day before the formerly known as Braun Strowman, a.k.a. Adam Scherr, was released from the WWE,” said EC3. “The discussions of this took place serendipitous synchronized almost. So ironically, we were sitting in this very room, talking about life, talking about business. And he was mentioning how, when he watched Free The Narrative I, it was the first time he’s watched a wrestling product from beginning to end, and he was kind of infatuated.”

“And then he just started flowing ideas about if this ever happened, what I would do in it, this and that, if I ever had the chance to be myself, here’s what I would become. The next day, he was released.”

Ironically, the two sides had a hypothetical discussion about potentially working together when Scherr’s contract expired; during this dialogue, Scherr made it clear that his creativity was fueled by the first Free The Narrative, but everyone involved thought they’d have to wait over a year for his contract to come up in order to work together. But when the company shockingly wished him well in his future endeavors, EC3 and JC saw the opportunity, and they rushed Free The Narrative II, centered around Scherr, into production.

Of course, heading into the show on Saturday, many fans remain curious what “freeing the narrative” will do for Scherr. In the interview, EC3 explained that he wanted to help Scherr express himself, the same way he got to showcase his own creativity in the aftermath of his own belief. EC3 made it clear that, for him, this drive went beyond the characters we see on TV, as the freedom to express can be personally “cathartic.”

“I personally got so much out of my release and being able to create on my own and incorporate people to help me create something new,” said EC3. “It was cathartic, it was emotional, it was beyond being a wrestling character, which you portray on television or on the internet. It was very real to me, and then what I got out of that put me in such a better place that I wanted to bring that to other people.”

“With Adam, too, creating the narrative, control your narrative , I always say is to tell your story. And that’s one thing as performers, no matter the ‘creative freedom’ you have, whichever company you work for, you don’t truly have creative freedom. But we wanted to create a place where these talents can express themselves to the full potential that they want to and they believe they should.”

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EC3 then gave Scherr credit for taking a risk and choosing to free his narrative, rather than walking the typical path of debuting in a “corporate” wrestling promotion and briefly generating a lot of buzz before winding up like everyone else who has done the same thing.

“…To have a name like that be attached to it and volunteer to do it, this guy could have shown up in any corporate wrestling, he could have walked out to a huge reaction, kicked everybody’s a**, got a huge amount of buzz, and then like everything , it would become status quo and normal,” said EC3. “So kudos to Adam for being so bold and so brave to take such a giant risk and a giant chance to have this be the very first thing he does in the wrestling world before he makes any decisions on where his career is going.”

JC also weighed in on what fans can expect to see at Free The Narrative II, as he boldly teased that the show will kill “monster” within Strowman and bring out a “Titan.”

“When you ask what we’re gonna see out of him, is we’re actually, in Free The Narrative, we guarantee you that we kill the monster inside of him,” said JC. “We kill the monster he’s always been, and within that, hopefully you’ll see a Titan rise. And that’s what we can definitely guarantee.”

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