Dark Order
Photo Credit: AEW

Dark Order ‘Beef’ Is Officially Squashed; ‘Meat’ Chants Ensue In Celebration

The beef between Dark Order is officially squashed thanks in great part to -1 and Amanda Huber. In an AEW social media exclusive Huber held wrestling court on behalf of her Dark Order brothers and sisters and made clear that the nonsense needs to stop. Evil Uno was then given the podium who made clear of the pressure he put himself under.

“I’ve spent the last few months trying to fill impossibly large shoes and I will be entirely honest, I am not good enough to fill those shoes and it took until today for me to accept and come to terms with that and officially I’d like to say I am not this group’s leader and I never was.”

John Silver said the beef is now squashed as the group “clawed up” and cheered in unison. -1 then began “meat” chants as everyone celebrated. Dark Order displayed unity after it was Amanda Huber who came out with -1 to read the riot act to Evil Uno on AEW Dynamite after he attempted to walk out on his team, but after having the papers thrown at him, Uno went back and Dark Order ended up defeating the Hardy Family Office.

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