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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Matt Cardona Gets Help From Chelsea Green, Defeats EFFY For Internet Title

Matt Cardona and Effy stepped up into the ring tonight at Game Changer Wrestling’s Fight Club with some huge stakes on the line. In the end, it was Cardona who walked with a win and the Internet Championship thanks to some help. 

In a match that saw Cardona put his GCW career on the line, he was up for the task early. Cardona started things off by getting into an absolute brawl with Effy, as the two superstars fought it out before Effy was taken down to the floor with a DDT by Cardona. Matt continued his beatdown after that, but Efft was able to rally, hitting his opponent with the Under the Rainbow for a near fall. 

Just as things looked ready to go completely in Effy’s way, Cardona got some help from both a masked woman and his own underhanded tactics. Cardona grabbed the Internet Championship from ringside and promptly hit the referee with it. Effy attempted to hit Cardona with the belt, but ended up hitting Allie Katch with it instead. 

As he began to turn his attention back to Cardona, the masked woman appeared, and landed multiple low blows on Effy, stunning him long enough for Cardona to hit him with a splash off the top rope to win the match. Afterward, the woman promptly unmasked herself to reveal none other than Chelsea Green, Cardona’s fiancée. 

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