Briscoes ROH
Image Credit: Ring of Honor Wrestling

Briscoe Brothers Appear At GCW Fight Club To Challenge Mance Warner, Matthew Justice

After taking down Alex Colon, G-Raver, and AKIRA at GCW Fight Club tonight, Mance Warner and Matthew Justice issued an open challenge to any tag teams out there. Shockingly, the Briscoe Brothers showed up to answer the call. 

In a six-man tag team match that also saw AJ Gray team up with Warner and Justice, it was Warner who took to the microphone after the bout. He said that there weren’t any tag teams who could live up to himself and Justice anywhere. Shortly after, Jay and Mark Briscoe arrived, shocking the audience in the process.

The duo didn’t say or do too much, but they did stare down the duo of Warner and Justice, and now seem hellbent on facing off against the duo in order to prove just how good the Ring of Honor tag team really are. 

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