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GCW Holding A Show At The Hammerstein Ballroom On January 23, 2022

Game Changer Wrestling is coming to the legendary Hammerstein Ballroom.

GCW owner Brett Lauderdale has revealed that the company will hold a show at the venue on January 23, 2022. A vignette featuring several of the promotion’s stars aired alongside this announcement during GCW Fight Club on October 9.

The Hammerstein Ballroom, one of the most famous wrestling venues in New York City, hosted  famously hosted several ECW throughout the promotion’s history; it also held ECW One Night Stand in both June 2005 and June 2006.

Coming off a buzzworthy Fight Club show, which featured names like Jon Moxley and Matt Cardona and appearances from Mick Foley, Thunder Rosa, and The Briscoes, it’s fair to say that GCW continues to build momentum heading into the late fall and winter.

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