WWE RAW Results

WWE RAW Results (10/11/21)


October 11, 2021

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

In-Ring Segment: Drew McIntyre

McIntyre says they are less than two weeks away from Crown Jewel. McIntyre says everyone will be talking about the WWE Championship match with Big E. Everyone will be talking because he is going to become the WWE Champion once again. McIntyre says he has a story, but Big E inturupts. Big E says he understands why McIntyre wants to be champion again. Big E says McIntyre will never take the championship from him. Big E says the train has already left the station and McIntyre only has two options.

McIntyre can climb aboard the train since it’s already rolling. McIntyre’s other option is to stay on the tracks and get run over. McIntyre says he’s going to win his title back and there isn’t a damn thing McIntyre can do about it. The Usos music hits. Jimmy and Jey walk down to the ring. Jimmy asks Jey who he’s got in the title match. Jey says he’s got Big E. McIntyre asks them what the hell they are doing here.

Jey says they can do what they want. Jimmy says they want to see who the champion will be for Survivor Series. The Usos try to leave but Big E stops them. The Usos challenge them to a match later tonight. Big E and McIntyre trip over each other accepting the challenge. While Big E and McIntyre argue, the Usos attack.

Backstage, when asked what would happen if they have to face each other in the King of the Ring next week what will happen. Woods and Kingston just laugh and walk to the ring.

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