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Christopher Daniels On Facing Daniel Garcia: I Needed To Find The Fight To Prove I’m Still Something In Pro Wrestling

Christopher Daniels is looking for a fight, and he found the right one against Daniel Garcia.

Christopher Daniels will work his third match since May for DEFY Wrestling, as he’s set to compete against Daniel Garcia at the promotion’s “Hell Bent” show on October 14. Daniels reflected on thinking he was finished after losing an AEW World Tag Team Championship match against the Young Bucks, as SCU was forced to disband as a stipulation imposed by Daniels himself. Now, he’s back as a singles wrestler, and he says he’s out to find the fights to prove he still matters in professional wrestling.

“May 12, 2021 wasn’t a particularly good day for Christopher Daniels. It was the day that Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian teamed for the very last time. And at the end of that night, I thought to myself, ‘This might be it.’ This might be the end of Christopher Daniels, and I walked out the door. And I didn’t know if I was ever gonna walk back in. But a funny thing happened. Days passed, and days turns to weeks, and weeks turn to months, and finally, I woke up one day and I realized, my heart was still beating. I was still breathing. I could see, I could walk, I could talk, and by god, I could sure damn still wrestle. But I also realized that the fights weren’t gonna come to my front door. I needed to find them,” he said.

“So if I wanted to keep saying that Christopher Daniels was something in professional wrestling, I needed to find the fight to prove it. And then I remembered, the last time I was in Seattle. I remembered the last time I came to DEFY. I remember the GXP, I remember the tournament, where I faced Schaff, where I faced Cody Chhun, where I faced Artemis Spencer, one of the toughest two-nights of my life. And I remembered that fight,” Daniels explained, “and I remember how good I felt in the evening. Win, lose, draw, I knew I was still one of the best wrestlers on this planet.

“So I came back to DEFY because I knew that’s where the fight was. And now I look forward to October 14. Los Angeles, California, and you, Daniel Garcia. You’ve made quite a name for yourself in the short period of time that I’ve even heard of you. AEW, Rampage main-eventing, going up against guys like Jon Moxley, going up against guys like Darby Allin. Fine. You wanna step up to a challenge? Christopher Daniels is all about the challenge. Because this shirt says ‘Fallen Angel Forever.’ And I know if I wanna last forever,” he noted, “I’m gonna have to go through each and every one of you coming for me. Daniel, you’re not first, you’re not last. You’re just next. See ya October 14.”

Christopher Daniels also competed for DEFY at the promotion’s “Mad Kingdom” event last month and made his IMPACT Wrestling in-ring return against Madman Fulton on September 30. Daniel Garcia has been on an incredible run as of late, including matches against CM Punk, Minoru Suzuki and Alex Shelley, the latter of which called him the “future of professional wrestling.”

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