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Tony Khan In Talks About Launching AEW Streaming Service, Calls It A ‘Great Opportunity’

Tony Khan gives an update on AEW content being available on a streaming app in the future.

Tony Khan appeared on Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker, who asked when fans could expect to hear news about an AEW streaming app. All Elite Wrestling archives are currently available on YouTube and through Bleacher Report, but the library is not yet available on a dedicated OTT streaming service.

“I’m talking to great people about WarnerMedia and AEW partnering. I think there’s a great opportunity, I work with one of the biggest media companies in the world and they have a lot of great ideas so hopefully, we can make a solution for the fans because believe me, I get asked that question every day,” he added, “and it’d be a great opportunity for us.”

Khan said it’s a matter of building the library to have enough content, noting that AEW The House Always Wins is one show he’s been saving for such an occasion. Filmed on April 9, 2021, in Jacksonville, the show has not been broadcast in any form yet, but Khan says access that event and the rest of the AEW library will be available “soon.”

“I’m trying to build the library up. We’ve done over 100 episodes of Dynamite [over] two years, we run every week, we’ve done 104 episodes of Dynamite now. We’ve done ten pay-per-views plus the streaming specials. I have something that nobody’s ever seen before, ‘The House Always Wins’, which is a pay-per-view-level card with all the top stars of AEW in action,” Khan explained, “and it was done in Jacksonville in front of the fans in the pandemic, with open-air, totally spaced out crowd, but it was something I’ve been saving. It’s a great show that nobody has seen.

“It’s going to be available, and all of the pay-per-views, we’ve done 104 episodes of Dynamite, now we have the Rampage library building up,” Khan noted. “Thank you for asking that, because it’s going to be soon.”

At the time, Tony Khan was questioned about the timing of the event and having it scheduled during WrestleMania week, which took place in Tampa. Khan said that it was a matter of having a venue available and testing the waters for live events; you can read his full response at this link.

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