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Scorpio Sky On American Top Team Alliance: Real Recognizes Real, And That’s Why It All Fits

Scorpio Sky says he and Ethan Page have a lot more in common with American Top Team than you might realize.

During an interview with Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Scorpio Sky spoke about his own MMA background and how he thinks Junior dos Santos will do in his AEW debut. Dos Santos will team with Sky and Ethan Page on this week’s episode of Rampage against Inner Circle’s Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager and Chris Jericho.

“I had four fights,” said Sky. “I was 3-1, and the only reason I had one loss is because it was a bad split decision. So I’m basically undefeated. I know a lot about both worlds. Junior dos Santos is a big, tough athlete … Emphasis on athlete … Is he going to go into the ring on Friday and perform at the level of Chris Jericho? Maybe not, but he doesn’t have to. We’re not asking him to come in and be a Bret Hart-level technical wrestler. We’re asking him to go in and do what he did in the UFC. Take those big hands, put them on people’s faces and knock them out. That’s what I’m counting on him doing.”

Scorpio Sky offered a preview of the six-man bout on Rampage and said his resume speaks for itself and Page has never been pinned in AEW, but Dos Santos is a knockout artist and doesn’t think it’s going to end very well for the Inner Circle.

Scorpio Sky also spoke about working with Dan Lambert and American Top Team, admitting that he originally wasn’t sure how it would go, but it’s worked out rather well. He also said that fans should know that he and Page have their own martial arts backgrounds, so they might not be able to boast the same fighting stats, but they recognize each other’s talents.

“I thought it was going to be interesting,” said Sky. “I wasn’t sure how the fit was going to go, but I feel like we’ve made it work pretty well. Dan Lambert is an incredible talker. He’s polarizing. The proof is if you look at social media any time he’s on television, you’re going to see the audience completely split down the middle. Half the people love what he’s saying, and half the people can’t stand him and don’t even want him on TV. That shows he’s doing something right.

“As for myself and Ethan and how we fit in, we’re both former martial artists ourselves. He’s got a Black Belt, I’ve got four MMA fights under my belt. I’ve got multiple Muay-thai competitions. I’ve got trophies sitting right next to me from some of my fights. So we’re badasses, just like the badasses that roll with Dan Lambert. Obviously, we’re not on the level on the fighting resume of a Junior dos Santos or Jorge Masvidal, but real recognizes real, and that’s why it all fits.”

Scorpio Sky also confirmed he signed a five-year extension with AEW, something Dan Lambert initially mentioned during the All Out pay-per-view.

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