brock lesnar
Photo Credit: WWE

Brock Lesnar Goes On A Rampage, Gets ‘Suspended Indefinitely’

Brock Lesnar, infuriated by his controversial loss to Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel, unleashed his anger on anyone who got in his way on WWE SmackDown.

After Reigns bragged about his win and said Lesnar was scared of him, “The Beast Incarnate stormed the ring and brawled with Reigns.

The Usos’ interference wasn’t enough to stop Lesnar, who proceeded to attack the cameraman and various WWE officials. Adam Pearce sent the SmackDown roster to the ring, and “The Beast Incarnate” smashed them, too. Lesnar left, and Pearce announced that the former champion had been “suspended indefinitely” for his actions. Lesnar came back to the ring to make sure he heard Pearce correctly; when the WWE official repeated himself, Lesnar literally F5’ed him out of his pants.

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