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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

The IInspiration Win Knockouts Tag Team Championship At Bound For Glory

The IInspiration are the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

The IInspiration made their IMPACT Wrestling debut at Bound For Glory and won the Knockouts tag titles, defeating Decay’s Rosemary and Havok in the opening match on the pay-per-view.

The final moments of the match saw the referee call off a pin attempt by Rosemary, noting that Jessie had tagged Cassie into the match. Rosemary charged the corner and ran into a knee strike by Cassie, who then got in the ring and assisted Jessie in hitting a tandem powerbomb for the win.

Decay’s title reign ends at 98 days; this is the second major title win for the duo, as they also won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship on one occasion.

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The IInspiration recently talked about how their arrival in IMPACT Wrestling ultimately came to be, including how they worked out their visa issues in time for Bound For Glory. During an IMPACT Press Pass LIVE call ahead of the show, Lee and McKay described how these visa issues have been sorted out just in time for the buzzworthy pay-per-view on Sunday. Lee called their agent the duo’s “knight in shining armor” for fixing this difficult situation.

“When the rumors were kinda going around about Slammiversary, our visa issues were not even nearly fixed,” said Lee. “We actually had our agent come in and save the day, he was our knight in shining armor, and he took on the responsibility of taking over our visa so that we could work in this country and continue to wrestle like we want to do.”

McKay elaborated by saying that the timeline was “cutting it close,” as the visa issues were only resolved a few weeks ago.

“I want to say it was cutting it close, I’ll be honest,” said McKay. “It was weeks and then everything was finalized, so we were hoping it was Bound For Glory, and we were praying, and I’m so glad that that worked out. But there was a couple of times where I was like struggling to figure out a timeline.

“But thank goodness it’s all done and sorted. Like Cass said, our agent came in and just absolutely saved us. And now we’re gonna be at Bound For Glory, biggest show of the year, you know, sold-our arena, tag team championship match, you know, it’s all coming together, coming up roses.”

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