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Matt Cardona Wants To Face Christian Cage To Show How Much Has Changed Since His WWE ECW Days

Matt Cardona has regained his Internet Championship, so his remarkable run across the wrestling world is firmly back on track. The more accolades Cardona racks up, the further in the mirror his days as Zack Ryder become. But one potential clash with the now-former IMPACT World Champion, Christian Cage, could offer a callback to Cardona’s “Long Island Loudmouth” era and a chance to show just how much he has grown.

In a recent interview with WrestleZone, when asked about facing Cage, his former adversary way back in WWE ECW circa 2009, Cardona emphasized that a lot has changed since that time. But this growth is one of the very reasons why he’d like to face the man formerly called “Captain Charisma.”

“Things have changed,” said Cardona. “I wrestled him in 2009, holy sh-t, 2009. when I first became the ‘Woo, Woo, Woo’ guy, and really it was my first like singles run ever because I had been teaming with Brian Myers/Curt Hawkins for my entire career. So I was, even though I wasn’t like a ‘rookie rookie’, I was still a rookie to having singles matches. So if we had those good of matches then, when he was carrying me, 100%, he’s a total pro, but now, a decade later, you can bet your ass I can catch up and keep up.”

“…I would love to get in there with him and show him how much better I have gotten and also, selfishly, have a kickass match with one of my favorite wrestlers ever.”

Otherwise, Cardona named Moose and Big Cass as two other competitors he’d like to face, though he’s “always ready” to take on any number of IMPACT’s stars.

“Moose is somebody else I’d love to wrestle,” said Cardona. “Big Cass, tall sumbitch, I would love to wrestle him. But there’s so many guys at IMPACT, it’s just a fun place to be, it’s super cool.”

That being said, earlier in the interview, the reigning Internet Champion made it clear that his ultimate goal in IMPACT Wrestling is to win its world title, which is now held by Moose. Ironically, at the time, Moose hadn’t won the gold yet, and Cardona pointed to him as someone he’d like to face anyway.

“My goal in IMPACT is to be the world champion,” said Cardona. ” I’m not there for any other reason. I’m not there for Brian Myers, I’m not there to get new shirts on ShopImpact. And it’s cool to work with Chelsea [Green], but I’m not there to work with Chelsea, either. I’m there, selfishly, to be the world champion.”

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