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Booker T Shares His ‘Royal Advice’ For King Xavier Woods, Says He’s The Perfect Person For This Role

Booker T knows a thing or two about being a King in WWE, and he’s looking forward to seeing what Xavier Woods does with the crown.

Booker T recently spoke with WrestleZone to promote Reality of Wrestling’s “One Night in Vegas” event at the MGM Grand Conference Center Premier Ballroom on Friday, November 19th. During the conversation, Booker T was asked for his thoughts about Xavier Woods’ King Of The Ring win. Booker, who won the King Of The Ring tournament himself in 2006, shared some of his royal wisdom and said he thinks Woods is one of the best people that could have the gimmick right now.

“Royal advice… [laughs] Oh man, strap in, be careful what you wish for. He’s definitely in a position now to where it’s sink or swim, and with that character, that role, you’ve got to be able to step outside of yourself and become something totally different. And there again, it’s wrestling, it is to be embellished,” Booker pointed out, “but to make the fans buy-in, you have to drive a different way. You have to make sure you don’t step into those landmines that you think, ‘This is going to be great’ and then all of the sudden, things turn the opposite way for you.

“But one thing I must say — Xavier Woods might be the perfect person for this role. Honestly, he might be the perfect person for this role because I go back to The New Day when they first started, and everybody hated them. Nobody got behind The New Day,” Booker said. “‘The New Day sucked,’ that’s the slogan around the arenas, and they said ‘We’re going to flip this, we’re going to make you love The New Day’ and they did that to the point that they are the most decorated tag team in WWE’s history. [They were] voted the greatest tag team in WWE’s history, so if there’s anyone that’s willing to take that role and make it their own, it’s Xavier Woods. Let’s see exactly what he does with it.”

After noting how Woods showed a bit of a ‘mad tyrant’ attitude by demanding to control camera cuts during his crowning ceremony, Booker said he likes that reference and says he’d like to see WWE’s new king adopt a new moniker along with the new attitude.

“I like King X. Not King Xavier, not King Woods, but King X. That might be his role,” Booker said.

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