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Good Brothers: The IInspiration Coming To IMPACT Is A Huge Step In Continuing To Build The Knockouts Tag Division

The Good Brothers believe IMPACT Wrestling’s tag team division is in good hands with The IInspiration.

The Good Brothers recently spoke with WrestleZone about the state of tag team wrestling and how they have been able to boost IMPACT’s men’s tag team ranks in the past year. Boasting two title reigns since joining the company last year, the Good Brothers have done well in elevating IMPACT’s tag division and their own brand at the same time. Asked if they had any advice on how they could help build IMPACT’s Knockouts Tag Team division, Doc Gallows said that The IInspiration’s arrival in the promotion is definitely something that could help the burgeoning division.

“I think bringing in The IInspiration FKA The IIconics is a huge step with that because those girls are a very, very talented act. They look great, they’re great at what they do and expanding that division is huge and I think that’s a great first step. We say this to a lot of the talent coming in and I think we’re going to see an influx of Knockouts Tag Teams formed or brought into this company that,” Gallows explained, “unlike places that we’ve been before, having the opportunity to have some creative freedom and to be able to tailor your character to be more of a real-life persona. It helps the talent, the tag teams, to reach new heights that they’ve never reached before. I think there’s going to be big opportunities for the ladies to come in and do that in the Knockouts Tag Division.

“I’m super excited for the debut of The IInspiration. I think it’s a great addition and I think that we have the depth of female talent here already and it’s making people step up to the plate. People were happy when we showed up here at Slammiversary a year ago but people have a chip on their shoulder. We saw people step up,” Gallows explained, “and I think that’s what’s going to happen [with them arriving here] so it’s very exciting.”

The IInspiration won the Knockouts Tag Team Championship in their debut match against Decay at Bound For Glory, and they are set to appear on the October 28 episode of IMPACT Wrestling.

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