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Jon Moxley Explains How Today’s Professional Wrestling Is A Lot Like The Marvel Universe

Jon Moxley says professional wrestling is a lot like the Marvel universe when you think about it.

Jon Moxley recently appeared on Throwing Down With Renee & Miesha and talked about how some people are reluctant or can’t get themselves to believe the spectacle involved in pro wrestling. Co-host Miesha Tate, an experienced UFC fighter, agreed that has the same issue with making the connection, but Moxley made a comparison that was easier to understand.

“See the thing is, Miesha will even watch a very technical pro wrestling match because she’s a legitimate athlete and she would say that’s not real. You’ll watch a wristlock or a figure four, one of these stupid, like a chokeslam, that’s completely fake, and you won’t even be able to wrap your brain around that people are buying into this is real. But the problem and what you have to understand is, in the ‘60s and ‘70s, they were actually trying to fool people into thinking this was real. Bad guys and good guys couldn’t ride in the same car or be seen at the bar together,” Moxley explained, “the business was very protected and you were actually trying to fool people into thinking they were real fights.

“That is not the case anymore in 2021. There’s real fighting, which is what you do, and there’s this. Fans are very passionate about it, but they know it’s — nobody’s being fooled into thinking they’re watching a legitimate thing, that’s a completely different separate sport now in 2021. What it is now is like the Marvel Universe, for instance. In real life, no one can shoot f-ckin’ spiderwebs out of their fingers or whatever, but in the Marvel Universe, there’s a guy that can and that’s accepted and you know that. So when he shoots somebody in the face with a spiderweb, Spider-Man, you totally accept it. So in pro wrestling,” Moxley explained, ”it’s like you have to understand the universe and then once you accept it, like this is this fictional universe we’re living in, then you’re into it.”

Jon Moxley moved on in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament, winning his match on Wednesday night. Check out a full recap of AEW Dynamite at this link.

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