MLW Fusion Alpha October 27
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MLW Fusion: ALPHA Results (10/27/21): Opera Cup Rolls On

The Opera Cup continued with two Opening Round matches on this week’s episode of MLW Fusion: ALPHA. In the main event, TJP faced Alex Shelley in a tournament bout.

The results are as follows:

Cesar Duran states that the MLW National Openweight Championship will have a “new home” on the Thanksgiving edition of MLW Fusion. King Muertes enters his office and says he did as Duran asks, so it’s time for him to hold up his end of the deal. Duran tells him there must be a sacrifice. Muertes opens a box, and its contents glow; he stares menacingly at the camera.

Opera Cup Opening Round: Bobby Fish vs. Lee Moriarty

In a pre-match promo, Moriarty says he represents AEW, but he’s used to pressure, so he’ll emerge victorious in the Opera Cup. The competitors feel each other out with technical holds. Fish gains the upper hand with some stiff strikes in the corner. Moriarty fires up with three arm drags and trades blows with Fish. A kick to the leg drops Moriarty, and Fish takes firm control of the bout. He gets a two count with a slingshot senton.

Moriarty rallies and blasts Fish with a kick to the face. Fish locks in a sleeper, but “The Apex of Combat” escapes. The veteran catches Moriarty with an exploder suplex into the ropes. A kick rocks Moriarty, and Fish gets a two count with a back suplex. “The Apex of Combat” gets a two count with a pin attempt, but he has no choice but to tap out to a heel hook.

Winner: Bobby Fish

With the win, Fish advances to the next round, where he’ll face Davey Richards.

In an interview backstage, EJ Nduka says CONTRA thinks they’re running the show, and he’s seen a lot of wrongs, but he’s here to make it right. He says Hammerstone can pay him back for his help with a title shot.

In an interview backstage, before his scheduled match, Calvin Tankman says he doesn’t need King Mo or Alex Kane to help him. They interrupt and attack Tankman, leaving him bloodied. Later in the show, Tankman is listed as questionable to continue in the Opera Cup due to this assault.

Los Parks give fans some Trick or Treat tips and attack someone who walks into the promo. LA Park tells everyone to give out big candy bars for Halloween.

Backstage, Cesar Duran is on the phone, and Mads Krügger says he doesn’t answer to anyone. Duran questions what the powerhouse will do now that Fatu has lost the title. Duran tells Krügger that a mission for himself doesn’t betray CONTRA’s purpose; in fact, it could strengthen the group. Duran says he’ll be watching Krügger’s match closely.

In an interview, Willow Nightingale says she’s traumatized after Holidead’s attack last week. Duran calls Willow, and she asks him for a match with Holidead.

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