AEW Dynamite CM Punk Bobby Fish
Credit: All Elite Wrestling

AEW Dynamite Results (10/27/21)

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, CM Punk makes his in-ring Dynamite debut against Bobby Fish and 10 of Dark Order takes on Jon Moxley in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament!


October 27, 2021

Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur


CM Punk vs. Bobby Fish

It doesn’t take long for Fish to resort for underhanded tactics and Fish utilizes his legs. Major “CM Punk” chants. Punk goes classic with a crisp scoop slam. Two of them as a matter of fact. Wait, make that three. Punk goes for the GTS, but Fish wriggles free.

Snap suplex to a lateral press by Bobby. CM Punk turns the tide back in his favor with a tope. “CM Punk” chants once more. Bobby trips Punk up on the apron. He covers for a two count. Fish does an inverted dragon screw to Punk’s leg before grapevining the leg.

The fight goes to the outside and Punk battles, but it’s Fish who keeps the focus of that leg. The fight goes to the turnbuckle and it’s Punk who knocks Bobby down for his Macho Elbow. Both fighters slug it out to their feet. Fish gives a harsh kick to the thigh of Punk, but Punk nails him with a calf kick and a running neckbreaker. Patented knee strike in the corner with a short-arm lariat. Two count.

Punk signals for the GTS. He almost gets it, but Bobby intercepts and dragon screws Punk down for a sliding lariat. Punk double leg jack knifes for a pin, but Bobby powers out. Punk hits a GTS that also hurts his leg. He takes a moment, covers, Bobby Fish gets a shoulder up but it’s after three.


We cut to Malakai Black. He divided Cody’s family and made an entire crowd hate him. If he thinks it was all about pinfalls, think again.


MJF vs. Bryce Donovan

MJF goes for a handshake. Bryce attempts one and gets kicked. Heat seeker and Max pins him with a finger.


MJF trashes Boston and their ugly fat women. He then focuses on Darby. He claims Darby is scared to even show up. He made an example of Sting and Max says he can focus on the World Title picture no matter what happens after Full Gear. He tells the crowd to shut their mouths until Sting’s music hits. That’s all a facade. MJF starts laughing.

Suddenly the lights go out. This time it isn’t Pinnacle a video appears of Darby Allin putting a masked “MJF” through a table. The lights come back on and Sting hits Wardlow in the mush with the bat. This sends Max to the outside and standing behind him is a person dressed like the Invisible Man. He unmasks and it’s Darby. He takes it to the Pinnacle with a tack covered skateboard. They all bail and Darby challenges Max to a fight at Full Gear.

Back from commercial, it’s revealed that Britt Baker will face Abadon in a Trick Or Treat match. If Abadon wins, she’ll get a title shot and this bout will be no DQ.


TNT Championship (if Sammy Guevara loses, he must leave the Inner Circle)

Ethan Page vs. Sammy Guevara (c)

Sammy wastes no time with an outside dive. The brawl goes to the outside and the match hasn’t officially started. Both men get in the ring, Bryce Remsburg asks if Ethan is ready to go and the bell sounds finally.

Sammy shows his shine against Ethan as we see again Tony Nese sitting in the crowd. Page catches Sammy up top and gives him a backbreaker that sends the champ to the outside. We go to break.

Page is in control and goes for The Ego’s Edge, but Sammy turns the tide and hits a cutter and soon a Spanish Fly. Very near fall!

Sammy later hits a shooting star press to the outside on Ethan Page. Sammy covers but only a two. He goes for a GTH, but Ethan dead weights him. Ethan slams him down for a two count. “Sammy” chants. Ethan climbs up top, but Sammy meets him, only to get body slammed. Hard lariat by Ethan for a two count.

Guevara ultimately wins it with a flipping pin after a wild reversal by Guevara.

WINNER and STILL TNT Champion: Sammy Guevara

Immediately Ethan Page goes on the attack. Scorpio Sky joins in, but Inner Circle comes out to scare the MOTY off. Jericho has a mic. He says the only person Ethan Page beats is himself in his hotel room. The 10-man tag is official at Full Gear and it will be a Minneapolis Street Fight!

We cut to Tony Schiavone who is standing both with Eddie Kingston and Bryan Danielson. Eddie lays into Bryan about him not working hard. Every morning he takes a Zoloft to battle depression and so he doesn’t do something he doesn’t want to. He’s gonna show Bryan that on Friday at Rampage. He walks away. Intense stuff. That’s what Bryan wanted to see. He respects Eddie and says he knows Kingston works hard. Him and Mox are the two toughest people he knows, but that’s not going to stop him from beating Eddie on Friday.

After break, Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix make it official: they’ll put their tag belts on the line against FTR.


TBS Women’s Championship Tournament Opening Round

Serena Deeb vs. Hikaru Shida

The fight begins with major intensity as Shida punches and stomps at Deeb.  Deeb catches her in the corner and wraps Shida’s leg around the ring post. Shida pulls Deeb’s head into that very ring post. Shida stops Aubrey Edwards’ ten count to suplex Serena back in. 1-2-kick out. We go to break.

Back from it, Shida keeps the momentum going with some hard shots. Big missile dropkick from up top. Delayed vert suplex. 1-2-no.

Hard Euro uppercuts by Serena who also counters a strait jacket briefly until Hikaru nails it. Inverted Falcon arrow for a very near fall. Shida hits a knee strike to the back of Deeb’s head. Another near fall.

Deeb fights free and hits a dragon screw on the mat, but Shida boots Deeb to the outside. Shida sets up a chair to the outside to leap off of, but Deeb tosses the chair. Instead Shida uses the stairs to hit a dropkick. Shida tries to put Deeb in the ring, but Serena slides right back out. She gets a figure four to Shida on the ring post. Shades of Bret Hart as Serena wears his colors. Shida hits a cradle in  the ring for a near fall. Question mark kick by Shida before a knee but Deeb rolsthrough for a single leg cab. Deeb turns it into an inverted figure four. Shida struggles, but gets to the ropes. That deservingly gets a “This is awesome” chant. Serena presents Shida’s plaque to use, but Shida grabs hold of it. She contemplates using it, but gives it to Aubrey. Deeb pokes her in the eye and rolls her up. Shida kicks out, but Shida bridges her for the 1-2-3, picking up her 50th win.

WINNER and ADVANCING: Hikaru Shida

Post-fight, Deeb unleashes as she takes a chair to Shida’s knee and puts her in a hold. Officials and Jerry Lynn come out to break it up. The announcers question Shida’s health afterwards.

It’s revealed due to an injury to Mike Sydal, it will be Dante Martin vs. Matt Sydal. This will be the third match for the fighters and Lio Rush will be ringside.


AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Opening Round

10 vs. Jon Moxley

This match doesn’t last too long as Mox goes heelish against 10 by tearing his mask and bloodying him to a pulp. Paradigm Shift ends it.


FTR with Tully cut an intense promo regarding their match at Full Gear. They want their AEW Tag Titles to come home to papi.

Cody Rhodes comes out to cut a promo and Boston gives him major boos. Cody hears them. He hears it online, he hears old wrestling managers shouting at clouds on social media, he hears it all. Cody hit a Tiger Driver ’98 to beat Malakai Black, but for a brief moment he thought of hitting a different move. Would he have broken his covenant with the fans? Do you know why he didn’t? It would be too easy. He feels as a fan you can boo or cheer all you want. He implores the fans to put themselves in Cody’s shoes. He throws his Nikes in his ring. He’s got a hot wife, he’s got a brother who is a Hall Of Famer and is arguably better than he will ever will be. He’s got a dad with an unachievable legacy. He will not turn. He loves the fans. He apologizes for everyone for going too Hollywood. He turns to Arn and says the same to Arn to his face. He apologizes and admits he was right. Out comes Andrade. Who do you think you are? These people don’t like him, and they don’t like him either but Andrade doesn’t care about the people. Cody’s made stupid choices. First, the stupid tattoo. Next he got into his business. Andrade says he can make Cody his little bitch. The lights go out and when they come back on, Malakai Black mists Cody. They attack Cody and Arn. Out comes PAC. He takes out Black and then takes out Andrade. Crowd pops for PAC. PAC sits down like Malakai and gives him the double birds.


The Dark Order (John Silver, Colt Cabana, Stu Grayson & Evil Un0) vs. The Super Kliq

Everyone is in costume and The Elite are Ghostbusters. Kenny uses his proton pack to his advantage. Tide turns and soon Uno, dressed as a cowboy rides Kenny. Dark Order all body slam The Elite in unison as we cut to break and they pose.

Back from it, Colt Cabana gets in some major offense after Grayson highlights for Dark Order.  Rick Knox gets laid out by Matt Jackson and Matt hits a low blow on Grayson. Dark Order all get low blowed by The Super Elite. They get the proton packs. Dark Order all get up to get sandwiched by the proton packs. They powerbomb Colt onto a proton pack. The rest of the Dark Oder come out. Whomever is dressed up as the horse gets low blowed and BTE Trigger. They unhood him to reveal it was Brandon Cutler. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is Hangman Page. He gives a Dead Eye to Keny. John Silver hits a Spin Doctor on Matt for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: The Dark Order

Post-match, Hangman presents beers to Dark Order to celebrate.