Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez

Update On Ricardo Rodriguez Working 10/27 AEW Dynamite As Spanish Commentator

Another former WWE name in Ricardo Rodriguez has shown up in AEW, but it looks like it’s only a short-term deal as of now.

Former WWE manager Ricardo Rodriguez worked last night’s edition of AEW Dynamite, appearing as a Spanish commentator for the show. PWInsider.com first reported Rodriguez was at last night’s AEW taping in Boston, and now we have another update on how long his stay might last. In an update provided by Sportskeeda, the appearance was just a ‘tryout’ and Rodriguez, the former manager of WWE’s Alberto Del Rio hasn’t signed a deal with the company as of this writing. Despite not coming to terms on a deal, it was noted that things look ‘positive’ in regards to the two sides potentially working something out.

Rodriguez worked alongside Alex Abrahantes and Alvaro Rojas during the tapings. He used his real first name, Jesus, not Ricardo, due to WWE owning the rights to the name Ricardo Rodriguez.

For WrestleZone’s full report on the 10/27 edition of AEW Dynamite, you can click HERE.

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Rodriguez recently spoke about how the idea for him to be Rob Van Dam’s manager even came up, and why he thought it was a joke at first.

“So I didn’t get it at first, I really didn’t get it. We were sitting on the bleachers and it was myself, the Matadors—and the little bull, I loved [El Torito]— Alberto [del Rio] and I think Sin Cara, then Malenko comes up and he goes “Hey, did they tell you?”, I’m like [wondering], ‘No… no sir.’ He’s like, ‘You’re with RVD today.’ ‘Huh?’ It was funny,” he noted, “but unless you know Malenko and his sense of humor, it’s gonna be like, ‘okay, yeah…’ Malenko has a weird sense of humor where you can’t tell if he’s joking or not. He’ll tell you something and it’s said all serious, but then he’ll walk away and you’re like, ‘wait, what?’ So it’ll sit in the back of your head and he’ll come back in an hour and tell you, ‘no, I was just kidding,’ but by then I’m already doing these mental jump rope games. So I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not. I’m trying to do the whole [nervous laugh] and trying to get him to tell me yes or no, and eventually, he told me [it was legit] and he gives me the run sheet.”

Rodriguez went on to talk about how short-lived the alliance was and how it got him back on television; read his full response about the unlikely pairing at this link.