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Jay Lethal: The Pandemic Made The World Take Notice And Witness How Great Jonathan Gresham Is

Jay Lethal knows at least one positive to come out of the pandemic.

Jay Lethal recently took part in an interview with WrestleZone’s Colin Tessier and spoke highly of Jonathan Gresham, his stablemate in The Foundation. Lethal said that for everything that went wrong last year because of the pandemic, one good thing to come out of it was that Gresham got a platform to show how great he really is.

“This pure division has really, I mean I’ve known for years, how great and even when I say great, I don’t feel that does it justice but I’ve known for years how great of a wrestler Jonathan Gresham is. And you know, the wild thing is, I’ve gotten to travel the world and there’s so many great wrestlers. the problem is, not all of them are given the opportunity to show the world that they’re great wrestlers. That’s the crappy part about the wrestling business. There are so many people that you’ve never heard of that are great wrestlers, they just are missing the opportunity to prove it to the world.

“And Jonathan Gresham, I can’t tell you how much this pandemic, in my eyes, was a positive for him. The world got to notice and take notice and witness how great of a wrestler Jonathan Gresham is. And I couldn’t be more proud of Jonathan Gresham and what he brings to the table and the fact that people are getting and have gotten to see that he can, man. So now when the people come back, I am really excited at how they’ll take to Jonathan Gresham because he’s amazing, man. I’ve known for years, a lot of the guys on the roster have known. But because the pandemic and the pure division coming back, now they’ve gotten to see it. And that’s the goal. That was the goal and his vision of The Foundation. Giving the people who can actually wrestle a chance to prove it.”

Lethal said he’s crossing his fingers and hopes Gresham will one day win the Ring of Honor World Championship because he deserves it. He also talked about how he’d like to win the title himself one more time, but has no regrets in his career if that doesn’t happen. Read more about his assessment of the Pure division being a “home run” and The Foundation so far at this link.

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