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The Godfather Recalls Smoking Out An Elevator In Front Of Vince McMahon: He Saw The Smoke And Said He’ll Take The Next One

The Godfather is known for many things, and being a big marijuana “enthusiast” is one of them.

The Godfather recently appeared on the GOW Media podcast and discussed the time he smoked out an elevator in front of Vince, Stephanie and Linda McMahon, who all proceeded to wait for the next available elevator.

“I love Vince McMahon to death, he’s let me be me and believe me, that’s saying a lot, there’s been a lot of incidents like that with Vince but Vince has always been cool with me and to this day he’s always been cool with me, man. That’s a true story, what happened is, me and my friend Big Worm, in fact, the first time I ever smoked was with Big Worm, and Worm would smoke no matter where you were, man, he didn’t care, he’d smoke. So, he’s in the elevator puffing, the elevator opens up and they’re standing there and Vince just looks at me and sees the smoke coming out of the elevator and he says ‘Charles, I think we’ll take the next one.’ I’ve been smoking strong since Papa Shango, so anytime you’d see me after Papa Shango, I was medicated.”

Wright recently told the story about how he learned that ‘The Godfather’ character would be removed from TV because he was being added to the Right To Censor stable. Wright says he hated the group and considered quitting at one point, but made the best of it and stayed with the company; you can read his reaction to Vince McMahon “taking his hoes away” at this link.

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