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Hit Row’s Top Dolla Reveals His List Of WWE Dream Matches

WWE SmackDown superstar and Hit Row member Top Dolla recently sat down on the ‘Jobbing Out‘ podcast to talk about numerous topics, one being his list of dream opponents in WWE.

Top Dolla said, “I’m already past the, ‘I can’t believe this.’ Now it’s like ‘it’s money season’, you know what I’m saying? Let’s be 100% honest here, if you’re in the ring with Roman Reigns, you’re winning. Even if you’re not winning, you’re winning being in the ring with Roman Reigns.”

Continuing on, he got into some roster members that he would like to share the ring with. He said “The first person I would really want to face that’s on the SmackDown roster is Sami Zayn. That’s because I’ve been a Sami Zayn fan forever. I’ve been a Sami Zayn fan before he was Sami Zayn. But yeah, Sami Zayn first. I think, when you talk about the best people on the mic in WWE today, he’s at the top of that list. He’s one of the best performers on the mic, bar none. So I would love to just be able to go back forth with him on the mic and in the ring.”

Another surprising name he said he would like to wrestle is Rick Boogs. Top Dolla said, “I would love to face Rick Boogs on SmackDown. We’ve had us some really cool matches in the PC because he’s one of the few people that is actually strong enough, without my assistance, to do a move on me. Those are few and far between. I would love to wrestle him. I literally can’t wait and it could be with Swerve or Ashante, it could be either one as my partner, but you know, I’ve got to see The Usos and The New Day. I need that like I need air in my lungs.”

You can listen to the full podcast below. Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for providing transcriptions.

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