Cody Rhodes Andrade El Idolo AEW Dynamite
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AEW Dynamite Results (11/3/21)

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes will battle Andrade El Idolo, the full five members of America Top Team will be revealed as to who will face the Inner Circle at Full Gear and Anna Jay will face Jamie Hayter in an opening round bout of the TBS Women’s Title Tournament!


November 3, 2021, Independence, MO

Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur


Alan “V” Angels vs. Kenny Omega

Quick shotgun dropkick to Kenny. Omega, however, gets aggressive.  “Kenny No Balls” chants. He chokes V with a boot, but Angels hits a calf kick. Kenny goes for a snap dragon, but Alan reverses it. Kenny crushes V down and kicks him in the midsection. Two count. Kenny hits a leg cross backbreaker. Angels avoids a V-Trigger for a roll-up: 1-2-kickout. Tope by V.

The brawl continues on the outside, but Angels keeps the momentum back in the ring. Diving cross body from up top by V. Near fall. He climbs up top once more and goes for a frog splash, but Kenny gets his knees up. Omega hits a D’Lo Sky High for a two count. Omega underhooks Alan, but V goes dead weight. Jabs from Omega, elbow strikes from V. Angels reverses another snap dragon and a OWA, but doesn’t avoid a V-Trigger. Cocky pin only gets Kenny a two count. Kenny hit two harsh V-Triggers against the ropes. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Kenny Omega

Kenny gets on the mic and he said that he embarrassed him. He tells Nakazawa to give him a chair. Kenny plans to injure him. He goes for the OWA on the chair, but Hangman’s music hits. Out comes the #1 Contender. Omega has the chair, V grabs it, Page goes for a Buckshot lariat, but Kenny evades and powders. Page grabs hold of the mic and Kenny’s belt. He lays the belt down and tells Kenny he’s got ten days to hold onto it.

It’s revealed that Jon Moxley’s replacement for the World Title Eliminator will be Miro and he’ll face Orange Cassidy tonight.

We cut to Malakai Black. He reminds Cody that Marcus wasn’t the only one to betray Julius Caesar.

Out comes CM Punk to a massive reaction. He’s not particularly in the best mood. He wants to talks seriously for a couple minutes. Two people can’t be here tonight and one has a legitimate reason: he wants to hear Independence chant Jon Moxley. The crowd does so. He says he was riding to St. Louis with Larry last night, but he gets always going. He understands getting off the hamster wheel and he did it once. He doesn’t want anyone criticizing Moxley as he’s damn proud of him. He implores fans to call or text someone if they’re in a bad place. The other person who isn’t here tonight is Eddie Kingston. He was embarrassed for him on Friday at Rampage. A fan says for Punk to fight him. Eddie isn’t here. Fans begin to murmur Full Gear. He wants to see Eddie in St. Louis before this. Punk was going to get himself in the Eliminator Tourney, but wanted to settle business with Kingston. He’ll see him on Friday.

We cut to Miro. Is his God trying to help him or anger him with this tournament spot? In this tournament, his God needs to prove himself to him. Miro needs to prove himself to his wife and then he’ll forgive his God.

The Super Kliq is backstage with Steely Dan fan Alex Marvez but gets flanked by Christian Cage and Luchasaurus. They brawl into the arena and suddenly Jungle Boy appears to dive onto his enemies. Cage spears Matt Jackson on the stage and goes for a Killswitch, but Nick saves his brother with a superkick. Adam Cole crawls down the entryway as Luchasauus has hold of the Bucks. JB ranas a Buck before Saurus slams another on top of Cole. Cage then Con-chair-to’s Cole on the stage. Cole twitches afterwards.


AAA Tag Team Championship

Samuray Del Sol & Aerostar vs. FTR (c) (with Tully Blanchard)

Bell rings and it’s Samaray (formerly Kalisto) and Cash Wheeler. SDS gives two headscissors to his opponents. FTR both bail. Back in the ring, Aerostar somersaults in the ring before Dax flips him off and corners him with some European uppercuts. Aerostar hits a twisting splash to FTR. SDS and Aero dump both ofh them as they both fly onto Dax and Cash. Aerostar goes for a double rana on FTR but the duo powerbombs him. Two count. We go to picture in picture.

SDS and Aerostar take their Lucha style further to the AAA Champs. Two ranas wrap up both FTR for a two count. Aerostar soon hits a springboard splash for a near fall. SDS goes for a tope on Dax, but gets caught with a brainbuster. Aerostar gets Cash in a rolling pin attempt, but Cash reverses, holds the ropes, grabs the tights and gets the 1-2-3.

WINNERS and STILL AAA Tag Team Champions: FTR

Last week, Tony Schiavone was presenting Hikaru Shida with her “5o win” trophy, but Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero interrupt to taunt her and Rose says how much she’s looking forward to facing Hikaru and her bum knee in the TBS Tournament.

Out come the Inner Circle to “Judas.” Jericho puts over Sammy Guevara’s win last week. Now they get to choose the members of America Top Team in the street fight. That prompts Dan Lambert and his crew. Lambert found ATT 25 years ago. He has a collection of killers ready for him and an open contract. “Shut The F*ck Up” chants are massive for Lambert. He introduces all members for their choosing.

Inner Circle chooses: Junior Dos Santos and Andrei Arlovski is chosen. Paige Van Zandt wants to take on all five of them by herself. Jericho says that joke writes itself. Maybe she can put it on her OnlyFans page. Ortiz calls her a “bitch” in Spanish.  They choose Dan Lambert.

Matt Sydal is with Lee Moriarty, Dante Martin and Lio Rush. Sydal congratulates Dante on his Rampage win. Sydal challenges Rush and Martin to a tag match as he partners with Lee. Lio accepts.


AEW TBS Women’s Title Tournament: Round One

Jamie Hayter vs. Anna Jay

The two women tie it up. The fight spills to the outside and then the apron before heading to break. Back from break, Anna Jay hits a DDT to Hayter. Two count. Jay goes for a Queenslayer, but both Britt Baker and Rebel meddle. It allows Jamie Hayter to hit her signature lariat for the 1-2-3.

WINNER and ADVANCING: Jamie Hayter

Britt’s team attacks Anna Jay until Tay Conti comes in for the fiery save. The numbers game however comes into play. Britt goes for a curb stomp on her Women’s Title until Thunder Rosa runs in to even the odds.

Jade Cargill is with Mark Sterling. She’s going to change the meaning of the TBS in TBS Title to “That Bitch Show.”

Tony Schiavone chagrins at “The Big Shithead” in MJF showing up. Max says Darby and him are the top guys. They have “it.” They had it way before Dynamite ever existed. Why is it that they boo him and cheer Darby? He’d lose sleep over it at night. They hear them chanting Darby’s name at the top of their lungs. Then it hit him. Of course they hate him. He’s a symbol of everyone they hate and wish to be. Darby’s a misfit just like these people and that’s why they love Allin. You’ll all never fit in and they’ll never win. Darby will lose to MJF because he’s mentally weak. He’ll be too concerned with battering him than beating him. He’s better than him and he knows it. One more thing: let’s just say by some grace of God he manages to change his ways, that’s great, but Max is still a better wrestler than him. No one has beaten him clean in this ring because he’s that damn good.

Darby fires back at MJF and takes his Full Gear opponent out at ringside.


Cody Rhodes vs. Andrade El Idolo

Bell rings and Andrade slaps Cody. The two duke it out and Andrade has Cody scouted out with some quickness on the apron. The fight spills to the outside which prompts a commercial break.

Back from it, we get repetitive lariats from Cody. Boos come from the crowd. Andrade hits a back elbow. 1-2-kickout. Big lariat from Cody gets big boos yet again. Cody goes for a Cross Rhodes, but Andrade hits the Three Amigos with the third being in the corner. Andrade hits some double knees in the corner and gets a two count. Andrade goes for a split-legged moonsault, but Cody moves and the two duke it out. Flip-flop and fly from Rhodes gets a pop. HIhg boot from Andrade. Andrade locks in the figure four for a whoo and a pop from the crowd. Arn takes out Jose but as Cody goes to dive on Andrade, FTR comes out from under the ring to hit Cody with their AAA belts. Andrade hits his elevated DDT in the ring for the pinfall W.

WINNER: Andrade El Idolo

Post-match, FTR hold up Cody and Andrade boots him down.  Arn and Tully stare down before The Lucha Brothers come in to attack FTR. Fenix and Penta go to finish Dax before Cash pulls his partner to safety.

John Silver isn’t going to face Adam Cole on Friday’s Rampage: he’s facing “Budge.” This Friday, he’s gonna kick some “Budge” ass! Bryan Danielson joins commentary for the main event.


AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Semi-Final Match

Orange Cassidy vs. Miro

Matt Hardy is shown at ringside as Miro walks to the ring. Bell rings and Orange is playing mind games with Miro. He evades him until Miro belly to bellies him at ringside. We go to break.

Back from the ring, Miro relentlessly stomps away at Orange Cassidy. Miro has been focusing on Orange’s taped up ribs. Orange fires back. OC hits a shotgun dropkick and patented spinning DDT. Two count.

Miro goes for the Orange Punch but Miro bails out. OC climbs up and catches Miro through a ringside table with a big dive. Miro just answers the 10 count at 9.5.  Orange goes for the Orange Punch, but Miro catches him. Orange gets him with a Beach Break. 1-2-kickout!

OC goes for another Orange Punch, but Miro flips him. Thrust kick. Game Over and Orange immediately taps.


Post-match, Danielson & Miro have a staredown. Bryan goes for a handshake, but Miro walks away.