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Image Credit: WWE

Jessi Kamea Comments On WWE Release: ‘I’m More Than Grateful’

WWE released Jessi Kamea, along with 17 other perfomers, on November 4.

Kamea had been with the company since 2017, when she competed at an NXT live event, and she went on to compete in the 2018 Mae Young Classic. During her time with the company, she also wrestled on NXT and Main Event. This past summer, Kamea had been featured on NXT TV as a member of the Robert Stone Brand alongside Aliyah and Monet. She last competed on the August 24 episode of the show, when she lost to Raquel Gonzalez.

In a tweet on November 5, Kamea addressed her released and thanked WWE for the opportunity. She also expressed her gratitude for her time with the company because the experience gave her new friendships.

“Much love and thanks to the WWE Universe and its people for the opportunity,” said Kamea. “Thank you all for your support. I’ve gained beautiful and amazing friendships, new passions and a unique as hell experience in an incredible part of the entertainment industry. I’m more than grateful. And I’m gonna keep doing my thing. I can’t wait to share the next chapter of my life as a creator and entertainer with you all!”

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