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ROH Wrestling Results (11/8/21): Bandido Defends World Title On ‘Championship Edition’

This past weekend, Ring of Honor delivered a special “Championship Edition” of ROH Wrestling. Bandido defended the ROH World Championship against Alex Zayne, and Josh Woods put the Pure Championship on the line against LSG.

ROH Wrestling Results 

Originally aired November 5, 2021

Report by Colin Tessier for Wrestlezone.com

A video package hypes up the “Championship Edition” theme of this week’s show by previewing the two title matches.  Quinn McKay welcomes viewers and breaks down the card.

ROH Pure Championship: Josh Woods (c) vs. LSG

In a pre-match promo, LSG says he’s been friends with Woods for some time now, but he has always loved ROH. He says this passion is pure wrestling, and that’s why he’ll be the next Pure Champion. Meanwhile, Woods says some of the best wrestlers in the world have held his title, and he has cemented his place in that group. “The Technical Beast” says today isn’t LSG’s day.

Woods and LSG shake hands at the beginning of the bout. They feel each other out with technical holds, and LSG goes for an early pin. He gets a two count with a crucifix pin attempt. Woods gains the upper hand and forces LSG to use his first ropebreak. The champion grounds LSG with a Cravat, but the challenger powers his way out of it with a slam.

Woods blasts LSG with a slap that knocks him out of the ring. The two men trade blows on the outside, and Woods suplexes LSG onto the floor. Woods locks in another Cravat, but LSG escapes and rallies with a Stunner. LSG blasts Woods with a kick and drops him with a clothesline. The challenger gets a two count with a spinning slam. LSG hits the Rocket-by-Baby, but Woods catches him with a Cravat.

The champion blasts LSG with a knee, slams him from the Tombstone position and makes him tap out to the Gorilla Lock.

Winner and still ROH Pure Champion: Josh Woods

LSG and Woods shake hands again after the match.

A video package highlights the Halloween episode of ROH Wrestling.

Beer City Bruiser, along with Brian Milonas and Ken Dixon, confronts commentator Caprice Coleman about eliminating him in the Honor Rumble. They agree to have a match. (It will air on ROH Wrestling the weekend of November 13.)

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