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Bryan Danielson Says Jon Moxley’s New Book Has Great Sex Advice For Married Guys

Bryan Danielson is a fan of Jon Moxley’s new book.

Bryan Danielson appeared on the second episode of The Bellas Podcast and one segment saw the trio talking about books, something Danielson has an avid interest in. After talking about getting chopped in (and not getting chopped in the bedroom), Nikki mentioned that Danielson was reading a new book called Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence, a 2006 book by psychotherapist Esther Perel. 

Danielson mentioned he reads “at least a book a week” before sharing that he also read Jon Moxley’s new book, also noting that it’s got some great sex advice for guys. 

“He actually has some great sex advice in [his new book]. Yeah, yeah. He said, and it’s at the very end and it’s for married guys specifically, but it’s like, ‘Hey don’t watch porn if you’re on the road and you’re going to do your thing, just think about your wife. And if it’s even the dirtiest thing like something she would never do and you would never do with her…’ but then the way he put it was really good. He’s actually a great writer,” Danielson explained. “I read it and I was like ‘this is the book that I wish I wrote,’ right? But anyways, and then he says, ‘then when you come home, your wife is not just your wife, she’s also the one that you’re fantasizing about.’”

Danielson then tied things together and said that Moxley’s book goes along the same lines as what Esther Perel said in hers, then explained what the subject matter dealt with. 

“As a married couple, but especially as parents, you start — your priorities start to shift. Your number one priority is no longer your relationship and your sex life, it’s taking care of these babies and then you’ve got things that are secondary things, like your job, your work, all that kind of stuff. And a lot of times, even your relationship, and you have to understand sex is a portion of your relationship, but it’s not the whole relationship. And even the whole relationship gets pushed back to spot number 3 or 4 or whatever it is,” he noted, “and her big thing is how do you maintain your sex life and desire when that’s such an important part of being human? And it’s a question — how do you do this? [And the book presents] ‘Here are some of those answers’, kind of, for the book. So it was really, really good.”

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