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Tony Khan Promises Update On Owen Hart Cup After AEW Full Gear

Tony Khan says fans can expect an update on the Owen Hart Memorial Tournament in the near future.

Tony Khan took part in a media call on Thursday to promote AEW Full Gear and was asked about the status of the Owen Hart Memorial Tournament. “The Owen” was announced in conjunction with a new partnership with the Owen Hart Foundation. Khan said that fans could expect some fun announcements in the near future, and explained why he was waiting until after Saturday’s Full Gear pay-per-view event to share more.

“Yes, I’m so glad you asked. There will be an update on the Owen Hart Memorial Tournament after Full Gear. I have — there’s so much on the [PPV] card, so many stories and this show is so jam-packed, and I didn’t want the Owen Hart Cup to lose the focus when I start talking about it. But ‘The Owen’ is going to be a big prize in AEW and I’ll have some interesting announcements about it. One thing I will say right now — you know what? I’m going to save it. I’ll save it until after Full Gear, but you guys will get more announcements on the Owen Hart Cup and I think I’ll save it for Dynamite or Rampage after the pay-per-view. But stay tuned on that one, I will give more updates on the Owen Hart [Tournament] and I have something fun that I think everyone will enjoy.”

Listen to the full media call at the top of this post. Khan previously shared how he’d talked to Owen’s widow, Martha Hart, for almost a year prior to the announcement. Read about how the partnership started and why he said it’s a “win-win” at this link. You can also read Khan’s comments about the possibility of seeing Ring Of Honor talent show up in AEW here.

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