IMPACT Wrestling Rohit Raju Rocky Romero
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IMPACT Wrestling Results (11/11)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling outsider Rocky Romero will face Rohit Raju and Eddie Edwards will battle W. Morrissey and Matt Cardona in triple threat action!


November 11, 2021, Sam’s Town, Las Vegas, NV

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown


#1 Contender’s Match For IMPACT World Tag Team Championships

Chris Bey & El Phantasmo vs. Fin Juice

Bey and Finlay start it. Very fast paced until Finlay drops a knee on Bey. Tag to Juice. Massive bodyslam to Bey and a senton. Fin Juice showing synergy with tags. Stalling suplex by Juice, but Bey frees himself. ELP grabs Juice by the hair and Bullet Club clears the ring. Hikuleo strikes Juice on the outside.

Bullet Club gang up on Juice back in the ring. Juice battles back with some jabs but ELP twists the nips of Robinson and both men hit the mat. Tag to both partners and Finlay gets the offense in. Spin out back suplex by Finlay on Bey gets a near fall. Sweet double team leg sweep dropkick by Fin Juice.   Backbreaker elbow drop double team on Bey nearly gets the win but ELP saves it.  Pop-up lung blower to Bey followed by a rolling cannonball by Juice in the corner. They go for a Doomsday Device, ELP stops it and Finlay leaps onto the outside. Bey victory rolls and there’s a delayed count for two, but Juice rolls him up. ELP superkicks Juice and Bey covers for the 1-2-3.


Post-match The Good Brothers come out and Hikuleo and Doc Gallows stare down before duking it out! BC clears the ring of the champs.

Scott D’Amore is with Gia Miller and is interrupted by Josh Alexander. He questions Scott why he’s not #1 Contender for the IMPACT World Title against Moose. He’s in the running for the title, but he knows Minoru Suzuki is in his head. Next week it will be Suzuki vs. The Walking Weapon.

Most Professional Wrestler segment and Brian Myers is not pleased and he smacks Zicky twice. Myes challenges Sam Beale one-on-one. Dice is hung over after a week.


Kaleb With A K vs. Minoru Suzuki

Kaleb goes for a vert suplex, but Minoru blocks it and armbars Kaleb down. He makes it to the ropes. Leg vine also leads Kaleb to the ropes.

Back on their feet Kaleb slaps Minoru and gives an array of strikes, but Minoru is unphased. He sends Kaleb to the ropes and gives him a Gotch piledriver for the W.

WINNER: Minoru Suzuki

Moose doesn’t care who he faces at Turning Point.


Decay vs. Undead Bridesmaids

Decay immediately send UB to the floor and out comes IInspiration. They sit at the top of the stage courtesy of barstools brought out. Commercial break time. Back from it, Kimber Lee is in control against Rosemary, but ultimately lose to Decay.


Heath and Rhino are backstage. Heath says he got his friend back and his daughters got their uncle back. Rhino has been in a blur this past year, but now along with Heath he’ll purge this poison from his body.

The IInspirations are upset with Undead Bridemaids losing to Decay. They will take them out next week.

Chris Sabin takes exception to Ace Austion allowing Madman Fulton to play his enforcer. At Turning Point, he wants Ace one-on-one.


Madison Rayne vs. Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes exudes her strength for starters but Madison soon gets the upperhand. Madison grabs hold of Mercedes neck and knees her to keep her grounded. Mercedes fights to her feet for a modified tiger driver. Two count.

Short DDT by Mercedes. Enziguri by Madison. Mercedes is down. Buff Blockbuster by Madison for a two count.

Mercedes fights on and hits a running knee. “Mercedes” chants by the IMPACT Zone. She gets the W with a high stack pin.

WINNER: Mercedes Martinez

Immediately after, Madison attacks the victor and hits a rip-chord cutter on Mercedes. Mickie James comes out to make sure Madison doesn’t pull anything else, but Mercedes hoists Mickie up for a DVD and “kicks dirt” on her before exiting. She’ll be seeing Mickie at Turning Point.

Once again, Steve Maclin lost. THat’s what the record books will say, but the reality no one has been able to pin or submit him. He deserves to be in that title match. Trey Miguel confronts him. Scott D’Amore approaches him and Trey says he wasn’t a triple threat at Turning Point. D’Amore wants Maclin to earn it. Next week, if he beats Laredo Kid, he’s in the match. If he doesn’t stay home. Maclin says he doesn’t have to worry about that.

Sam Beale is with Rich Swann and Willie Mack. He can’t thank Brian Myers enough for taking him under his wing. 9/10 times Myers could likely beat him. He knows how good he is. He has to do it on his own. It’s “teacher vs. student.”

Rohit Raju confronts Rocky Romero. He’s in Raju’s spotlight and he wants to push Rocky through and show why he’s better than everyone else.


Rohit Raju (with Raj Singh) vs. Rocky Romero

Bell rings and we have big “Rocky” chants. Rohit gets the upperhand at first. The two get to wrestling and both men find themselves on their feet. Good start. They go back and forth until Rocky leaps off the steps on the outside and crashes into Rohit to head to break.

The battle continues and Rohit hits a rolling brainbuster for a near fall. Raj Singh wraps Rocky with his black band and Rohit takes him back tot he center ring. Rohit misses a corner collision and Rocky makes him pay. Big crash in the middle of the ring have both men down. “Let’s go Rocky” chants.

Hard forearm by Rohit, but Romero hits a satellite DDT for a close call.  Rocky is down later on but rolls out of the way of a double stomp by Roju. Rocky gets his armbreaker in, but Raj gets on the apron. Raj gets taken out and Rocky hits a running sliced bread for a very near fall.

Big enziguri by Rocky. High knee by Raju and a driver-by knee gets the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Rohit Raju

Hernandez gives credit to Johnny Swinger. Hernandez wants to team up with Swinger to face Demon and Decay. That puts them in a two-on-three predicament. John E. Bravo offers Fallah Bahh’s services.

Cheslea Green may have lost to John Skyler to contend for the Digital Media Championship, but Skyler lost to Jordynne Grace. Now she has an opportunity to face Matt Rehwoldt vs. Alisha and Jake Something. She’s gunning for that belt.


W. Morrissey vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Matt Cardona

Morrissey is the dominant one and it becomes 2-on-1. Double chokeslam by Morrissey and the crowd is behind him as we head to break.