NJPW Best of Super Juniors: Night 1 Results (11/13)

New Japan Pro Wrestling kicked off the 28th Best of Super Juniors tournament on Saturday. The 12-man round robin tournament will be running alongside the World Tag League tournament.

The first night was one of many upsets. DOUKI, a sentimental favorite in recent years, kicked off the tournament with a shocking win over BUSHI. This was followed up by his Suzuki-gun compatriot Yoshinobu Kanemaru getting a sneaky countout win over long-time rival Taiji Ishimori.

The hits kept coming, as Ryusuke Taguchi bested IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champion Robbie Eagles, the second high profile loss for Eagles in as many weeks, as he lost the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title to El Desperado at Power Struggle.

Fresh off a run through IMPACT Wrestling, El Phantasmo looked to make quick work of Master Wato, but found himself on the wrong end of a bridge pin by the blue-haired blue-chip prospect. Wato has been quietly improving his game on the undercards of various shows throughout 2021.

The recently returning YOH was completely flattened by Hiromu Takahashi on Saturday. In under 5 minutes, Hiromu pinned YOH with a move that has yet to actually be named. The win sent a message that last year’s winner, Hiromu, is not to be taken lightly in this year’s tournament.

In the main event, El Desperado seemingly had SHO’s number for the majority of the closing match. It was then that the familiar sight of Dick Togo and various members of House of Torture appeared, helping SHO get the win over Desperado with a wrench shot and a Shock Arrow.

With House of Torture standing tall at the end of the night, a dark cloud was cast over the opening night of the tournament.

In lighter news, Young Lion Yuto Nakashima returned to action after a heartbreaking injury in his debut match back in February. He wrestled Ryohei Oiwa to a 10min draw.


NJPW Best of Super Juniors 28

Night 1

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  • Non-Tournament Match: Yuto Nakashima wrestled Ryohei Oiwa to a Time Limit Draw. (10:00)
  • Best of Super Juniors: DOUKI (2) def. BUSHI (0) by pinfall via Suplex De La Luna. (10:53)
  • Best of Super Juniors: Yoshinobu Kanemaru (2) def. Taiji Ishimori (0) by countout. (5:37)
  • Best of Super Juniors: Ryusuke Taguchi (2) def. Robbie Eagles (0) by pinfall via Dodon’s Throne. (16:17)
  • Best of Super Juniors: Master Wato (2) def. El Phantasmo (0) by pinfall via Bridging Pin. (13:52)
  • Best of Super Juniors: Hiromu Takahashi (2) def. YOH (0) by pinfall via a move with no name (I swear to god that was the translation). (3:55)
  • Best of Super Juniors: SHO (2) def. El Desperado (0) by pinfall via Shock Arrow. (25:11)

NJPW will return on Nov. 13th at 11pm ET for NJPW Battle In The Valley