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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

AEW Full Gear: CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston Result

CM Punk walked out of his match at AEW Full Gear as a bloody victor.

The superstar came into tonight’s match against Eddie Kingston with nothing but winning on his mind, and he accomplished that. In a brawl that left Punk bloody and exhausted, the superstar walked out as the winner, ending things by hitting the Go to Sleep on Kingston multiple times to end an instant classic.

Check out a full recap of the match courtesy of our live coverage post by Dominic DeAngelo:

Eddie Kingston vs. CM Punk

Eddie Kingston pays homage to Terry Funk with a bandana and taped wrists. Before the bell even sounds. Eddie hits him with his patented back fist. Ref checks on Punk who wants more of it and the bell rings. Insanely loud dueling chants here as Punk stirkes away at Eddie in the corner before Kingston hits an exploder suplex. “Eddie” chants. Rapid shots in the corner by Eddie. Punk comes off the middle rope and he gives Eddie mounted punches.  Punk gets a bit of boos here. Hard chest kicks from Punk, but Eddie pokes him in the eye.

Kingston and Eddie brawl on the outside. Punk eats some ring steps and Punk is bleeding. Punk hits a back body drop on Kingston. “Now we go to school motherfuckers!” Punk yells. Flying elbow to Kingston.

Big shoulder tackle by Punk and Punk then sets Eddie up (not kidding) for a Five Knuckle Shuffle tease. He flips Eddie off and they start fighting. CM Punk hits the Three Amigos on Eddie. Eddie paintbrushes Punk up top and yells “Fuck you” at Punk as he unleashes a flurry of strikes.  Eddie superplexes Punk. Him and Punk meet in the middle of the ring that gets a huge reaction. Enziguri by Eddie. Kingston signals for a GTS, but Punk hits the GTS instead. Punk can’t capitalize. “This is awesome” chants. Eddie goes for a spinning backfist but Punk ducks. Elbow strikes by Punk. Crowd begins to boo. He feeds Eddie more knees. He picks Eddie up and hits a GTS. 1-2-3.


Post match, Punk celebrates, but goes for the handshake. Eddie does not accept. He shoves a cameraman out of the way even.

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