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Ric Flair Wants Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael In Pro Football Hall Of Fame; Talks Tom Brady Introducing Himself

Tom Brady is a “big fan” of Ric Flair and took the opportunity to tell The Nature Boy just that. The Ric Flair Woooo Nation UNCENSORED podcast released Wednesday morning and while there will be plenty of buzz surrounding the wrestling aspects of the show, Flair and co-host Mark Madden take several opportunities to incorporate sports talk into the discussion.

They initially breeched the subject when Madden brings up how often Flair goes to visit Steve “Mongo” McMichael in Chicago. McMichael, a Chicago Bears legend of the gridiron, was a member of the Four Horsemen during the heyday of the Monday Night Wars and is currently battling ALS. He visits Mongo as often as he can and when the topic of his friend gets brought up, Ric fights back tears to commend Mongo for the very strong and authentic person that he is.

“He brought so much life, humor, love, respect, I mean legitimately a really tough guy, but never exercised that. He just wanted to learn, wanted to have fun and he and I become really close,” Flair said to McMichael’s approach to stepping into the wrestling ring. This also prompted Ric to bring up another football legend and former wrestler, Kevin Greene.

“Kevin and I were very close. We just lost Kevin too,” Flair stated before getting caught up in emotion. Greene passed  Flair looked back on both Greene and Mongo’s time in WCW and the value that they brought to the product. Flair also took a moment to state why he thinks Mongo should be inducted into Canton. “They brought so much to the product. Not just the in-ring, but you got a Hall of Famer and I’m sure at some point and time and I can’t figure out why his stats are better than Warren Sapp, but Steve should be in the Hall of Fame.”

“Oh, 100%. 100% Mongo should be in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame,” Madden agreed. Keeping with the football discussion, Flair talked about once meeting football’s near inarguable GOAT in Tom Brady and how the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback took the time to introduce himself to Naitch. Both were at a recruiting event for the University of Michigan and Tom went out of his way to walk up and shake hands.

“I’ll be damned when I made eye contact and he walked up to me and said, ‘Hey, I’m Tom Brady and I’m a big fan.’ He grew up in California cause I didn’t know if he knew who I was, does that make sense? I knew he would know my name. Nice guy.

“If anybody alive today that can be a prick. Just walk on by and never say shit to anybody it would be him. Handsome, carries himself like a million dollars, dresses like a million dollars.”

You can tune into the full first episode of Ric Flair Woooo Nation UNCENSORED below:

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone

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