Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair WWE Survivor Series
Image Credit: WWE

WWE Survivor Series: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair Result

WWE Survivor Series kicked off with a clash between two of WWE’s top stars when Becky Lynch faced Charlotte Flair. The battle between the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champions, respectively, came with plenty of controversy stemming from a backstage confrontation and eye-opening remarks in public interviews. Plus, Flair and Lynch go way back, as they’ve been connected to each other since 2015.

As expected, the bout started as a fight, with both women beating each other senseless. Early on, “The Queen” dropped Lynch with a Spear, and she gained more momentum when she slammed “Big Time Becks” into the barricade later in the contest. Lynch rallied and traded blows with Flair. “Big Time Becks” took control, but Flair suplexed her into the turnbuckle to regain the upper hand.

The two women continued to go back and forth for several minutes. Lynch nearly earned the win with a Man-handle slam, but Flair reached the ropes to stop the three count. Both women angrily slapped each other when Lynch partially trapped Flair in the Figure-Four, but “The Queen” escaped. Flair later locked in the Disarm-Her, but “Big Time Becks.” In the end, Flair rolled Lynch up and tried to use the ropes for extra leverage. The refere caught her, but when Lynch reversed the pin and pulled the same trick on Flair, the official made the three count, so Lynch scored the hard-fought victory.

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