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Buddy Matthews (Buddy Murphy) Working With Downstait On New Entrance Song, Has Triple H’s Theme On His Gym Playlist

Buddy Matthews wants to send the right message with his next theme song.

Buddy Matthews (Buddy Murphy) recently spoke with Alicia Atout and revealed that he’s currently working on a new theme song. Asked if there was an artist he’d love to work with, Matthews said that he’d love to work with Limp Bizkit, then revealed that he’s actually working with Downstait on a new theme.

“Limp Bizkit was my band growing up. But the guys that are helping me do my current theme for the future is Downstait. They did a lot of [other themes like Zack Ryder/Matt Cardona], so I’ve been working with them. I helped write some lyrics and I had an idea of what I wanted. They’ve thrown some samples my way and taken a lot of what I said and created art from it. I can’t wait until it goes on Apple Music, iTunes because I always wanted a song — I was unfortunate with my songs in WWE. They weren’t very good. I feel like music is the very first thing [the fans] hear and it has to — if you look at who has good music, they’re generally getting pushed, you know what I mean?

“If you have good music, they’re generally pushing you pretty well. Me and [Wesley] Blake’s first music was pretty bad. We

picked it, but back on the indies in Australia I was like a dubstep guy. I liked dubstep music because no one else had that. Everyone else had that Disturbed [sound] and my music was going to be different, so I stuck with the Skrillex [sound] just to be different. So then when we became ‘Blake and Murphy’ I found a song that had a bit of a dubstep feel, so I was like ‘OK, we’ll do that’ and then we became the ‘Dubstep Cowboys’ [named] by the internet, but it’s something different and then I tried to keep that [moving forward].”

Matthews then shared how he learned about one of the variations of his theme song as a singles wrestler in WWE, noting that he didn’t actual hear it until he made his entrance at SummerSlam in 2019.

“But talking about new music, I was actually in Toronto at SummerSlam right before the Roman match. They’re like ‘it’s you versus Apollo Crews on the kickoff at SummerSlam’ and I was like, ‘OK, cool.’ Apollo goes out there — or maybe I wasn’t out there, but this music goes on and they say ‘Buddy, go! That’s your music!’ I go, ‘Is it? I got new music?’ And then as I’m walking out of the curtain I’m going, ‘I got new music?’ But my whole [thought process] with the music is, you feel it and my last music I had the beat, I’d play the drums and go really grand and explode my arms up, but the whole beat was gone [with the update.] So I’m going to listen to it and I do my same entrance and the music beat wasn’t there, so the next day I’m like, ‘Hey can you send me the music? The first time I heard it was when I was in the ring.’ So they sent it to me and it wasn’t great, but it was what it was.

“I’m super excited for the boys to release this [new entrance] because I’ve always wanted a song to listen to in the gym. I’m not going to lie, I listen to Triple H’s music, Kane’s ‘Slow Chemical’ and Batista’s song, that’s all in my playlist. It’s cool music, so you don’t have to be a wrestling fan to know cool music, right? That’s where we’re going with this song, so it’s super cool.”

Buddy Matthews recently made his New Japan Pro-Wrestling debut, competing against Kazuchika Okada at the promotion’s “Battle In The Valley” event in San Jose. Matthews also competed against Ace Romero at Pro Wrestling Magic’s Underdogs event in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.

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