Credit: TERMINUS Pro Wrestling

Daniel Garcia Booked For The First TERMINUS Pro Wrestling Show On 1/16/22

Daniel Garcia will set the tone for Modern Age Grappling.

Jonathan Gresham and Baron Black are going to start a new promotion called TERMINUS Pro Wrestling. The new promotion will get its start on January 16, 2022, and the first talent announced to set the pace for this new Modern Age style will be Daniel Garcia. Garcia is part of AEW and already has matches under his belt against names such as CM Punk and Jon Moxley. Now, he will set the pace for this new promotion.

Speaking with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Jonathan Gresham explained what he hopes to bring to the business with this new promotion.

“It definitely does (feel good seeing others show love). My message with the foundation is not just a gimmick. Just because The Foundation exists within Ring of Honor, I feel like it’s an ideology and a way of thinking. People that believe in wrestling changing, because it does change every couple of years, every decade or so, it starts to change. The wheel is round. Right now, high spots and high fliers are really popular. To me, I feel like things are coming back around and the technical, pure wrestler is going to be at the forefront of wrestling again. We deserve it. We’ve been suppressed for so long. The ones that see and believe in that and can appreciate it, are gathering to see what TERMINUS is going to be and want to share it to get more eyes on it. The wrestling community has been tremendous the last couple of days and I appreciate everyone that has retweeted or interacted with the tweet. I appreciate it and can’t thank you enough.”

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