Paige - Fighting With My Family
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Stephen Merchant Hopes Fans View ‘Fighting With My Family’ As A Great Christmas Movie

Stephen Merchant wants to see Fighting With My Family join the ranks of great Christmas movies.

Stephen Merchant recently spoke with Tyler Treese of about his new film, A Boy Called Christmas. Merchant was asked if he had any Christmas films that have a special place in his heart, and the actor said he’s actually hoping that people start seeing Fighting With My Family as one of the films that is ‘definitely a Christmas movie.’

“I love all the great family movies that are set at Christmas, like Die Hard or American Psycho. No, I’m joking. Although I do love those movies, I love Christmas films. I thought Elf, which is the last really great Christmas movie that I can remember just falling in love with. And obviously, the classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, The Muppet Christmas Carol, which I just think is fantastic. I did a movie a couple years ago called Fighting With My Family, which is about wrestlers and that has a big Christmas scene in the middle of it. And so I’m desperately trying to make that into a Christmas movie, and I don’t think anyone’s realized yet, but I’m hoping that it will become sort of Christmas perennial because then I get paid every year.”

Merchant wrote and directed Fighting With My Family, the 2019 film based on Paige and her family; the movie is available to stream now on AmazonA Boy Called Christmas will be available to stream on Netflix starting November 24.

Paige recently revealed that her current WWE contract actually expires in June of 2022 and said that she hasn’t ruled out the idea of one day returning to the ring. She also told Renee Paquette that she still considers herself a wrestler, despite being retired for a few years.

“It feels weird saying I don’t wrestle anymore, even to this day, and I haven’t wrestled in over two years, I think three years. Time flies, but I still call myself a wrestler even though I’m not. I was born into wrestling so I’m always going to have that. I always feel like—like the movie [Fighting With My Family] said, ‘like hepatitis’, we’re wrestlers. That can’t go away. You see old school wrestlers coming back, you just can’t get wrestling out of your mind, your body. Once you become a wrestler, that’s it,” Paige stated. “You sold your soul to the devil, my friend. You’re done, you’re finished.”

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