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Ric Flair Says He’s Never Talked To Tony Khan About Joining AEW, Told Vince McMahon He’d Never Work There

Ric Flair says he’s doing just fine and isn’t looking to be Elite like some people might believe.

Ric Flair returned with a new episode of his Wooooo Nation! Uncensored podcast, and co-host Mark Madden asked about the chatter that Flair was fishing for a job with All Elite Wrestling. After Flair left WWE this year, there was speculation that he was looking for a job with AEW, but those talks apparently died down after the sexual assault allegations against Flair came to light on VICE’s Dark Side Of The Ring. 

Last week, Flair shared a photo of himself and CM Punk and said if AEW wanted a rating, they should let him and Punk talk for ten minutes. Fans quickly jumped on the post and said Flair was asking for a job, and he later posted that it was not the case and he was just sharing some memories from his career.

Now on the podcast, Flair said he’s not looking for a job with All Elite Wrestling and said that he’s doing OK financially. Flair said he signed a three-year contract with Fiterman Sports that pays him more money than he was making at WWE, adding that “money is not an issue.”

Flair was then asked if there were ever any talks about bringing him into AEW, and he denied such talks ever took place.

“No. There were no discussions at all. I told Vince McMahon – and my word is pretty much my bond — unless they did something pretty stupid to me, that I would never, ever go and work for the competition. And now they’ve done some really stupid stuff, so that door is open,” Flair noted, “but I’ve certainly not talked to Tony [Khan]. I haven’t heard a word from him.

“I watch all of the shows, appreciate the athletes and the people that are involved in it, but I am not actively in discussions with anybody,” Flair stated. “But I will never — yes, I would go work for Tony Khan, I will never go back to WWE.”

Flair said he’ll never go back to WWE, but it’s clear that Vince McMahon isn’t the one he has an issue with. Flair also detailed why he’d never work for WWE President Nick Khan, which you can read about at this link.

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