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Melissa Santos Discusses Her Comments About Brian Cage, Wants AEW To Use Him More

Melissa Santos, Brian Cage‘s wife, recently sparked some controversy when she criticized the way All Elite Wrestling has been booking her husband. She also made it clear that she wanted the company to use him more.

During a recent appearance on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet, Santos offered some clarification about these comments. She noted that she’s biased because she’s Cage’s wife, but she believes he’s an “incredible” talent who brings something different to the table as a “body guy” in the modern wrestling world.

“I’m his wife,” said Santos. “I’m not going to be like ‘Oh I wish things were different…’ No, f—— use him more! I love my husband, he is my favorite wrestler. That’s how we started talking, I called him my favorite at Lucha Underground. There are not many people that look like him. I want to see him more like I used to. At Lucha Underground he was used all the time, at IMPACT he was the champion. I’m not saying ‘Hey. Let’s make him the champion!’ I just want to see my husband more.

“He comes out on the first episode of AEW and he’s f——ripping ladders apart. He is doing like the body guy stuff and you don’t really see that anymore. You see more like the cruiserweights. For me, yes I am biased because he is my husband, I want to see more of that. I did get heat because I am spicy, I’m very straightforward.”

Santos went on to discuss the consequences of her comments; Cage took some heat for them, and she explained that she feels bad because her husband loves AEW and Tony Khan. She also admitted that she got “spicy” when she might have been better off not getting involved/

“I found an article, because there were a lot of articles written about him,” said Santos. “I got really spicy when I shouldn’t have. But then he got all the heat for that, he didn’t say anything. I do feel bad for that because he loves wrestling, loves AEW, loves Tony Khan and loves being there. A lot of it came from the love of being involved. But because I am loud I got him in trouble, but it’s hard man.”

Cage’s most recent match on AEW programming came on the October 8 episode of AEW Rampage, when Ricky Starks beat him in a Philadelphia Street Fight.

Credit to Chris Van Vliet for passing along the quotes in this article.

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