Bryan Danielson Colt Cabana AEW Dynamite
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AEW Dynamite Results (11/24/21)

This week on the Thanksgiving special of AEW Dynamite, CM Punk returns to Chicago to face QT Marshall while Bryan Danielson battles the other hometown hero in Colt Cabana!


November 24, 2021, Chicago, IL

Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur


CM Punk vs. QT Marshall

Before QT Marshall even comes out, MJF’s music hits and he has mic in hand.  He says it doesn’t feel so good to be interrupted, does it “Punk Brewster?” He said he really hurt his feelings last week, almost like he took his ball and went home like a little bitch. He says Punk’s Pipe Bomb is his best moment, but every MJF moment is his best moment. He mentions his straight edge lifestyle before mentioning that Punk didn’t mention him in aspiring matches. He can drop pipe bombs all he wants, but MJF drops nukes.

Punk grabs the mic. He’s so disappointed in him. He thanked him for last week. He didn’t know his “M” stood for Maxwell, but he thought it stood for “My Jealous Fan.” Last week he shut up MJF without saying a word. He had seven days to think of good zingers and he came out with the lowest hanging fruit. He calls MJF a less famous Miz and that gets a major reaction from Chicago. MJF said that’s almost what he wanted. That encapulates Punk’s run in AEW so far. “Miz” chants. He calls Punk “nostalgia.” He admits he was a fan. How couldn’t he be? On the mic he was the best or so he thought. MJF calls Punk robotic. He says he’s “PG Punk.” He says he should be coming out here preaching “Hustle, Loyalty and Respect.” Punk claimed he would come back for money and younger talent. Why did Punk come back? Is it because he was terrified? Maybe he has always been scared.  He should be scared. In the other company he was a cult hero, but here he is now, can he prove all these people right? He doesn’t envy Punk with all the pressure, but Punk envies him because he’s everything a promoter wants. He knows what keeps Punk up at night. It’s after all the hard work, deep down he knows that than his whole career he’s been second best. Whether it was “You Can’t See Me” or “The King Of Kings” he was second fiddle. Punk may be the “Best In The World” but he’s better than him and he knows it. Punk says there’s some truth in that. A little bit scared, yeah. He didn’t know if he still had it, but he’s not scared anymore. He’s certainly not scared of you. He was selling out MSG while Max was marking out for Rosie O’Donnell. You wanna sing Punk a song now? He’s gonna make the New York Times again, but this time he’s going to make the obituaries. You talk too much, but Punk  can back it up.  He beat Darby Allin and he didn’t need a ring to do it. MJF has been so busy talking about the “Four Pillars” he doesn’t realize he’s been replaced by Britt Baker. Punk says that the only way MJF will get to the top is by waiting until Tony Khan has a daughter and marries her. Punk wants to beat MJF’s needle dick right here and now, but Max leaves and we go to commercial.

Back from break, the bell rings. Punk keeps control early until Nick Comoroto grabs a leg. Ref sends Aaron Solow and Comoroto to the back. Marshall gains control after this moment. Punk hits a back body drop and then hits a leaping lariat off the apron before we head to break.

After it, Punk has hit QT with a roundhouse and is getting the crowd behind him. Running knee in the corner. Short-arm clothesline and he climbs up top.  Macho elbow. Punk signals for the GTS. He goes for it, hits it. 1-2-3.


Schiavone is with Christian Cage and Jurassic Express. They have momentum and when they feel this way, good things happen. JX are ranked #1 in the tag division. He’s gonna make sure they win the AEW Tag Team Titles. Luchasaurus growls.

Eddie Kingston is sitting alone at catering eating a cake. 2point0 and Daniel Garcia sit down with him and say he’s lost his drive. They throw coffee in his face and a brawl starts.


The Gunn Club (Colten & Billy Gunn) (w/ Austin Gunn) vs. Bear Country

Gunn Club attack BC from behind, but Bear gorilla presses Billy to start the match. Fight goes to the outside and Austin saves Billy allowing Bear to get thrown into the steps. Colten and Bronson throws him over the shoulder. Colten hits a Colt .45 and gets the pinfall win.

WINNERS: The Gunn Club

Post-match, out comes Sting to Darby Allin’s music. Gunn Club charges the entryway and Darby runs out the tunnel to shoulder block the block off Austin. Back in the ring, Billy and Colten powder.

There’s a promo for Battle Of The Belts in Charlotte, NC.

Adam Cole are confronted by The Best Friends as he and Bobby Fish challenge Orange Cassidy and Wheeler Yuta to a tag match.

Team Taz is in a meeting room with Dante Martin and Lio Rush. Taz has no idea why Lio is there. He wants Darby to do his thing. Lio says this is a thing we don’t want to be a part of, but Dante stops him and signs the contract in a shocking move before eating a snack from Hook.


AEW TBS Women’s Championship Tournament Quarterfinals Match

Jamie Hayter vs. Thunder Rosa

Jamie starts the bout off mostly in control, but Thunder Rosa shows hy she’s a top competitor. Rosa starts feeling the momentum with some running knees across the ropes before leaping onto her head through the ropes. The fight goes to the outside and Rosa hits a basement dropkick. Hayter throws Rosa into the ring post and we head to break via pic-in-pic.

Rosa hits several more dropkick variatns aganst Hayter including a missile dropkick.Soon the women fight to their feet and trade shots. Both Britt and Rebel try to interfere as Rosa has a stand-out head and arm submission on Hayter. Hayter taps but the ref doesn’t see it. Britt attacks Rosa but inadvertantly kicks Hayter. Rosa fights back and gets Hayter in a roll-up for the win.

WINNER and ADVANCING: Thunder Rosa

Post-match, Hayter is clearly miffed by Britt’s actions.

Chris Jericho is with Alex Marvez. He’s about to talk Marvez with the Steely Dan fan before being interrupted by Garcia and 2point0. Jericho notes of Matt Lee’s very square head. He tells them to never interrupt him again and the trio walks off as Jeff Parker tells Jericho to watch his mouth.

Friendsgiving is being had by Britt Baker with Tony and Rebel. Tony reveals that Britt has a Black Friday Deal match on AEW Rampage against Riho. If Riho wins, she gets an AEW Women’s Title shot. Britt is upset so therefore, no “D.M.D.”


Colt Cabana vs. Bryan Danielson

These two start off wrestling slow and methodical nit then begins to amp up with some Danielson kicks. That gets some boos from Chicago. “Colt Cabana” chants. Cabana soon gives Bruan a Boom Boom Elbow, but Danielson catches him with a release German. More boos. Running dropkick int he corner. His patented kicks follow up. Danielson grabs the face of Colt. Colt elbows Bryan off the top and hits a moonsault. Two count. Danielson trips Colt up and face stomps Colt. He rolls Colt over, flexes and locks in the LaBell Lock. Colt taps.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

Post-match, Danielson calls the crowd fickle because of their reaction to him. He kicked Colt’s teeth out literally. He heard next week they’re in Atlanta and he heard several Dark Order members are from the ATL. He’ll kick their heads in too and he’ll do the same to Hangman Page. That cues the champ. He comes out and he said Byan’s made his point. Hangman challenges him here and now. Danielson says of course he’d do that after he had a match. That’s not Cowboy Shit, that’s Coward Shit. Hangman then offers to give him the first shot. Bryan is insulted and slaps Hangman. They fight it out and Hangman almost gets him with a Buckshot Lariat, but Danielson powders.


Malakai Black, FTR & Andrade El Idolo vs. Cody Rhodes, PAC & The Lucha Brothers

Match starts and Cody gets a shoulder tackle on Dax. Dax goes for aslingshot suplex and Cody avoids it for his patented ground uppercut. Cody throws his belt in the crowd. The crowd throws it back Cena style and Andrade takes it and throws it under the ring. JR notes that it’s going to be talked about.

Penta and Cash battle it out soon after. Andrade joins the fray and so does Rey Fenix. Big kick to Andrade on the apron and Rey headscissors through the ropes to hit a dropkick. Another kick by Rey.  Cody soon tags himself in from Penta and it’s Cody who gets triple teamed in the opposite corner to cheers from Chicago. Rey goes on a major flurry of athelticism to pop the Windy City. Heel trip by Malakai to Rey and we go to pic-in-pic break.

Penta goes on a flurry of his own back from break and nails a Backstabbe to Andrade. Two count. Crowd is heating up. Shotgun dropkick to Dax by PAC. He clears out all four opponents for a leap over top on top of them.

The real story happens when Arn and Tully get involved. This opens up the LBs to get some offense in. Black gets Black Mist for PAC and it opens them up for the pinfall win.

WINNERS: Malakai Black, FTR and Andrade El Idolo