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Kurt Angle Shares Humorous Story About Backstage Fight With Eddie Guerrero, How Eddie ‘Wasn’t Ready To Apologize’

Kurt Angle has no shortage of great Eddie Guerrero stories.

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was the latest guest on Talk is Jericho to discuss his legendary career. During the podcast, Eddie Guerrero’s name came up, and Angle called him one of the greatest of all time:

“I loved Eddie, Eddie and I were like brothers because we played hard. We fought hard,” Kurt Angle said. “I mean, Eddie and I have had a couple of fistfights, and we’ve had disagreements. But you do with your brother, and with Eddie, he was so talented. And sometimes Eddie would overthink, you know what I mean. And Eddie was just so good at what he did. He didn’t have to think too much. It was all there in front of him. And he is like I said before when I talk about the greatest of all time, you got to put in Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, and Eddie Guerrero.

“Eddie was one of the most — when you think of a wrestler, being the greatest of all time, you have to look at every category. You have to look at promos skills, pre-taped skills, in-ring ability, character, charisma; they all had it ten stars all the way across the board, all three of them. And Eddie was part of that. I mean, I couldn’t believe how talented he was. And his body was really beat up. He was in a car accident. He broke his leg, and I think his back, and he was having a real difficult time getting around. But when he got in that ring, he was on fire. Like Eddie would walk like this backstage like an old man. And then when he got through the curtain, ‘Hey, Viva La Raza!’ So Eddie was like, for the fans. He was Eddie Guerrero. But you know for us backstage he was an old man.”

Kurt Angle went on to share a story about a time he and Eddie Guerrero got into a fight backstage at SmackDown and Guerrero tried to take him down with a double leg amateur wrestling hold:

“Okay, that what happened was we had a fight in the ring,” Kurt Angle said. “We’re getting head heat on Eddie, and there was Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak, and myself. I didn’t touch Eddie. Okay, so I couldn’t have been the one that stiffed him, and Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns were getting heat on Eddie. And when I got backstage, Eddie came back after the show. And we all wait in gorilla and say thank you and shake each other’s hand. And I went to shake his hand. I said, ‘Thank you, Eddie.’ He said, ‘No, no. What you did out there was wrong. You were stiffing me!’ I said, ‘Eddie, I didn’t touch you.’ He said, ‘Bullsh-t. You were stiffing me! You were beating me up!’ And I pushed him. I didn’t know what to do. Like he made me so mad, I pushed him, and he double legs me an amateur wrestling double leg, and I get him down I got him in a front headlock, and I started choking him out.

“So Big Show comes in. And this is embarrassing. Okay, talk about having little guy syndrome. Big Show grabs me by my back, and my singlet picks me up and puts me in one corner. Takes Eddie puts Eddie in another corner. He says you guys are done. And now I’m pissed at Big Show. I said, ‘Don’t ever touch me like that again!’ I mean, Big Show was so damn strong. He lifted me up with one hand. My legs were kicking.

“So we get backstage, and I felt bad. So I went to Eddie’s locker room to apologize. I get back there, and I knock on the door, and he opens the door. He doesn’t say anything. I said, ‘Eddie, listen, I just want to say I’m sorry.’ You know what Eddie said to me? ‘I’m not ready yet.’ So I go inside. I started attacking him. I’m fighting Eddie. We’re throwing punches, and Bradshaw pulls us apart and like, ‘Guys, you got to stop!’ I’m like, ‘Well, I said I was sorry. And this asshole doesn’t want to say he’s sorry back.’ But that’s Eddie. Eddie’s gonna apologize when he wants to, and I should have known that.”

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