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Kurt Angle Says WWE Offered Him A Job As NXT Coach And Matt Riddle’s Manager, Explains Why He Turned It Down

Kurt Angle didn’t get the job he wanted in WWE, but he says the company did offer a few other options while he was there.

Kurt Angle spoke with Chris Jericho on Talk Is Jericho (recorded on Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea: Triple Whammy) about his career, which included a return to WWE in 2017. Angle initially spoke about how he returned as the RAW General Manager before he detailed some of his work behind the scenes. Angle briefly worked as an agent and said that he wasn’t very good in that role, but understood why he was ultimately let go.

“That’s what I ended up doing after I retired, I took the job as a producer/agent. I did it for a year, I wasn’t very good at it. The thing is, I don’t like computers and you have to use a damn computer all the time. Vince is like, ‘Kurt open up your computer!’ and I don’t even know how to do this. I was good at giving the guys ideas for the matches, but I wasn’t a quality producer,” Angle said, “so when the pandemic occurred I was one of the first ones let go and I don’t blame Vince for that.

Asked by Jericho why he didn’t blame Vince, Angle said that he wasn’t a full producer and felt like he wasn’t doing his job to the highest level. Angle then said he would’ve liked being a WWE Ambassador and traveling for the company, but he wasn’t offered a job like that. Angle did explain, however, that he was offered a few other roles and told Jericho why they ultimately didn’t pan out.

“They did offer me a few jobs, though. They wanted me to be a coach at NXT. Then they wanted me to manage Matt Riddle, which I was very interested in and I thought that would be really entertaining, but the money was horrible. I’m sorry, but when we talk about money,” Angle explained, “it better be at least worth it if we’re going to do it. This amount was not worth it, even for all of you. I’m not comparing, I’m just telling you.”

Jericho then chimed in that Angle told him what the offer was off-camera, and it really wasn’t worth it.

“He told me what it was, it wasn’t worth it,” Jericho quipped. “Let me put it this way — I think I was able to convince him to come on this cruise when I said I could afford more than that.”

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