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Gail Kim On Bringing Awesome Kong To IMPACT Wrestling: ‘She Was On Another Level’

Awesome Kong was one of a kind in the world of professional wrestling.

Women’s wrestling legend Gail Kim recently appeared on the Wrestling with Stereotypes podcast and explained how IMPACT Wrestling brought in Awesome Kong back in 2007.

“So this is the story of how we got Kong — she was working in Japan and Low-Ki told me about her. And because we were talking about putting a list together of all the indie girls that we wanted to be a part of this gauntlet to see if it was going to work, I said ‘Low-Ki just told me about this girl in Japan and she sounds so different, let’s use her!’ and they were intrigued. I remember talking to Dutch Mantel about it and they were intrigued and then when Kia came in and if you’ve ever talked to her in real life, she’s like, ‘I love Harry Potter!’

“I’m probably going to ruin her kayfabe but I never saw her in gear before and I chose not to watch her stuff because I just kind of wanted to go with the flow at the beginning. I don’t know why but I totally would’ve planned that differently now but when she came out, I’ve never heard her entrance music either. It’s [the horns and the crunching noises] and her facials back then… my God. She was on another level, and so, to see that all come together with her entrance music, her gear, her facials, I was scared. I was terrified, like ‘Oh my God, what’s going to happen?’ but it was good… it was good.”

Awesome Kong was inducted into the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame at this year’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view, and also announced her official in-ring retirement at NWA EmPowerrr.

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