mlw opera cup 2021
Image Credit: MLW

2021 Opera Cup Winner Crowned On 12/1 MLW Fusion: ALPHA

The 2021 Opera Cup concluded with a heated clash on the December 1 episode of MLW Fusion: ALPHA.

On Wednesday night, Davey Richards faced TJP in the tournament finals, and both veterans waged war in a thrilling main event contest. In the end, “The American Wolf” emerged victorious. Here’s how the match culminated, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

TJP continues to aggressively target Richards’ wounded leg. They’e throwing everything they have at each other, and a nasty clothesline from “The American Wolf” leaves both men down. They get back to their feet and trade blows. Richards blasts TJP with a dragon screw.

The American Wolf locks in the Trailer Hitch and wrenches the leg, but TJP later takes control again. Richards howls like a wolf and hits a diving double stomp. Another diving stomp earns Richards a two count. A Brainbuster still can’t put TJP away. In the end, Richards makes TJP tap out to the ankle lock.

Winner: Davey Richards

Cesar Duran comes to the ring to give Richards the trophy. The victor celebrates this remarkable triumph and grabs a microphone. Richards says he sees the fans as the only family he’s ever known. He notes that the fans have always been there for him. He dedicates the win to Philadelphia for being there for him and promises to give the fans their money’s worth.

Richards, a former Ring of Honor World Champion, is a decorated competitor, as he has enjoyed success throughout the wrestling world in ROH, TNA/IMPACT, and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, among other promotions. He left wrestling due to his injuries and studies in 2018, but he returned to the industry earlier in 2021. Since then, he has been competing all over the country.

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