davey richards
Photo Credit: MLW

Davey Richards Injured, Pulls Out Of Glory Pro Wrestling Event This Weekend

Major League Wrestling star Davey Richards is out with a rib injury.

Glory Pro Wrestling tweeted this morning that Davey Richards is off this weekend’s show due to injury. Shortly afterward, Richards confirmed the injury on social media revealed that he’s currently suffering from a fractured rib. Tweeting out:

“Sorry everyone! I’m out this weekend due to a fractured rib. Luckily my #teamambition teammates will kill it as always so go check them out,” Richards said in a tweet.

There is no timetable for Richards’ return to the ring, but typically this injury could put someone out anywhere from three to eight weeks. Richards also won the 2021 MLW Opera Cup, as his final round win over TJP aired on this week’s episode of MLW Fusion.

Davey Richards returned to professional wrestling for MLW in June after taking several years away from the business. While there’s never a good time to get injured, it’s very unfortunate for him to suffer another injury after only being back in the ring for a few months.

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What are your thoughts on Davey Richards’ injury? How long do you think he’ll be out with a fractured rib? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.