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Eric Bischoff Calls Becky Lynch ‘The Best Character In Wrestling Right Now’

Eric Bischoff indeed believes that Becky Lynch is “The Man.” The former WCW president recently did a live Q&A on his 83 Weeks podcast and got a chance to discussion his admiration for the RAW Women’s Champion and states she’s the primary reason he tunes in.

“And I say that I mean, she is the best character in wrestling right now. I mean, she is so authentic. You know, I was thinking about this. It’s funny you brought her name up. I was thinking about her a little while ago.”

Eric was recently askedas to what he feels is missing in wrestling and he feels that authenticity is something that has been absent from the product more often than not.

“There are so very few authentic-feeling characters, especially in WWE, because everything is so well-crafted and polished, except for Becky. Even her social media, there is something special about her as a performer. She really gets it. So, I watch her.”

Becky is currently embroiled in a feud with Liv Morgan on RAW and has been a heel since making her WWE return at SummerSlam. She’ll be putting her RAW’s Women Title on the line against Morgan on the upcoming 12/6 episode.

Transcription credit should go to Leonard Surrao of Sportskeeda

You can listen to the full episode of 83 Weeks Locked & Loaded below:

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