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Charlie Haas Not Proud Of His Impersonation Gimmick In WWE, Shares Who He Didn’t Enjoy Portraying

The WWE Universe might fondly remember the run Charlie Haas had with the company when he was impersonating other WWE Superstars and legends, but it wasn’t something Haas was proud of.

Charlie Haas was the latest guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet to discuss his WWE career. When the impersonation gimmick was brought up, despite it being popular at the time, Haas revealed that was a gimmick he thought WWE gave him to try and get rid of him:

“I think that was when they were really trying to get rid of me and find a way to get me out of there,” Charlie Haas revealed. “But I looked at it as a chance to honor the people that I grew up watching and embrace it. I did the best that I could, I didn’t want people saying ‘He has a bad attitude, let’s get him out of there.’ It’s crazy, I get so many people coming up to me about me doing this character or that character. It’s part of my career that I look back at and I did it because I had to. I am not proud of it; it was not something that I wanted my career to be based on. But I guess a lot of people watched it, because I get more people coming up to me, I guess they liked it.”

Charlie Haas said the one person he regrets impersonating is WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross:

“If you are honoring them and they enjoy it, then that’s good. The only one I didn’t like was when I had to do JR,” Charlie Haas said. “I don’t know what was going on with JR and WWE at that time, but they wanted me to really make fun of him. He’s the guy that signed me to my WWE contract, and my feet were put to the fire with that. I wasn’t too happy about that. I apologized to him for it, and I wish I put my foot down and said I don’t want to do that. But I didn’t have the pull to say we were not going to go in that direction. It wasn’t fair to him and it was wrong.”

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